Emerging Technology: Thriving in Today’s Landscape

Dive into the boundless possibilities of emerging technology. Unlock innovation and success with expert guidance. Your future begins now!

Microsoft 365 Copilot: Analysing its Rise and Potential in the AI Landscape

Can AI truly be your co-pilot? Microsoft 365 Copilot promises to revolutionise work, but is it just glorified spell-check, or something more? Read more.

Maximise IT, Minimise Hassle: Co-Managed IT Services Unveiled!

Explore the benefits of co-managed IT services – streamline operations, boost security, and optimise costs for your business growth.

Demystifying Cyber Essentials Plus: The essential guide for businesses

Learn how Cyber Essentials Plus can elevate your cybersecurity posture and safeguard your valuable data.

MSP 101: Unlocking the Potential of Managed Service Providers in the UK Professional Services Sector

Learn how MSPs elevate UK professional services with tech solutions. Find the perfect MSP partner for your business success.

Choosing the Right Cloud Computing Technology for Your Recruitment Business

Discover the right cloud solution for your recruitment business to enhance efficiency and security.

Mastering the recruitment game: leveraging technology to outperform competitors

Gain valuable insights into how to strategically leverage technology and gain a competitive edge in the recruitment industry.

Security Awareness Training – Improving the Human Firewall

We delve into the importance of Security Awareness Training in improving the human firewall against cyber threats. Discover the benefits, key components, and how it cultivates a security-conscious culture within organisations.

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone and Rooms in Recruitment

In the modern workplace, a solution that streamlines digital recruitment processes is essential. We highlight why Microsoft Teams is the ideal solution for you.

Technology Trends for Accounting 2023

Discover the latest accounting trends for 2023 and learn how cloud technology is revolutionising the accounting sector.

Digital Recruitment Challenges

In our latest blog, we explore digital recruitment challenges, from the perspective of the employer, and how to tackle them.

7 Microsoft 365 Hacks to Boost Your Productivity for Professional Services

Learn how to boost your productivity using Microsoft 365 using these seven hacks. They’re quick and easy to follow, and you can get started in no time.

How Cloud Computing Can Boost Productivity and Profits for Professional Services?

Wondering about the benefits of moving to the cloud? Let us explain how it can improve productivity and profits

Is Cloud Computing Cheaper for Professional Services?

Discover the cost saving benefits of the Microsoft Cloud stack, and how correct Cloud configuration can save your business money.

Recruiters: Are You Making the Most of your Recruitment IT?

Discover how to overcome challenges in the recruitment sector, enhance your internal operations and increase efficiency by utilising innovative recruitment IT.

How your business can benefit from Microsoft Endpoint Manager

In this blog, we outline the key features and benefits Microsoft Endpoint Manager can enable to manage and monitor all devices from one single place.

Biggest Cyber Security Threats to the Recruitment Sector

In this blog, we discuss the biggest cyber security threats in the recruitment sector.

Stand out from the Competition with Automation Tools for Recruitment

In this blog, we detail the benefits of automation tools for recruitment and how they will help you to stand out from the competition and attract the best talent.

How Technology Has Changed the Hiring Process

In this blog, we detail how technology has changed the hiring process.

Key Considerations When Choosing Your Applicant Tracking System

In this blog, we outline key factors you should consider when choosing your applicant tracking system.

Optimise Your Candidate Experience for Recruiting Gen Z | Blue Saffron

In this blog, we explain how to optimise your candidate experience for recruiting gen z.

The Rise of Automation in the Recruitment Sector

In this blog, we explain the rise of automation in the recruitment sector and the benefits it can bring your business.

6 Top Technology Tips for SMB Success

In this blog, we explore 6 top tips for SMB technology utilisation. Discover how to enhance productivity and drive business growth with IT.

The Top IT Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Solve Them

Discover how to overcome the most common IT mistakes businesses are currently facing, and embrace the full potential of your technology.

Addressing the Technical Challenges of Business IT

Keeping up with digital transformation can be a challenge for businesses. Find out what the future of IT looks like and why it’s beneficial to outsource your IT.

How Creative Technology Can Help the World of Recruitment

In our latest blog, we explore the impact technology is going to have throughout the Recruitment sector.

The Future of Recruitment Technology

In this blog, we explore the future of recruitment technology, and the impact this is likely to have on businesses, as well as the talent pool.

Why should your business choose Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a clear leader in cloud-based productivity solutions, we explain the reasons your business should choose to implement it.

How Does the Future of IT Outsourcing Look?

Digital transformation has changed the way businesses view and use technology. Here we discuss what the future of IT outsourcing looks like.

The Top 5 IT Outsourcing Trends 2022

Explore the top five IT outsourcing trends that have emerged in 2022 and how they could benefit the capabilities of your business.

The Benefits of Outsourced IT

Managing a business is strenuous enough. Why complicate it with IT issues? With outsourced IT support, your tech is consistently top-tier – as is your business

Why Microsoft is continuing to bet on the Cloud Stack

Confused about digital technology? Get clarity on whether digital transformation is right for your business.

How to save money on your cloud computing bill

Are the costs of migrating to the cloud putting you off? Find out how to save money on your cloud transformation

Fact or fiction: common digital transformation myths

Confused about digital technology? Get clarity on whether digital transformation is right for your business.

Avoid these mistakes during your digital transformation…

If you’re considering transforming your business, learning more about common project pitfalls can help you get the most from your investment in transformative technology.

Getting started with your technical transformation

Multicloud is undoubtedly here to stay and no longer for the original reasons of redundancy or the avoidance of vendor lock-in. 

How to spot a good IT provider – and avoid a bad one

Finding an effective IT provider can be quite the challenge. Here’s what a speaks for a good versus what speaks for a bad IT provider.

The Top 7 Signs Your Business Needs an IT Provider

Is your IT infrastructure outdated? Are you struggling with hardware issues? If these tell-tale signs apply to your business, you might need to start outsourcing your IT.

How recruitment IT makes placing people easy

Discover how technology can transform the recruitment industry, facilitating major benefits for both the hiring professional and job candidates.

5 of the best recruitment IT tools

As virtual hiring becomes the norm, recruitment technology is not only helpful but essential. Read on to discover the 5 most useful recruitment technology tools.

7 things to ask of your next IT provider

Multicloud is undoubtedly here to stay and no longer for the original reasons of redundancy or the avoidance of vendor lock-in. 

Multicloud and the rise of cloud integration

Multicloud is undoubtedly here to stay and no longer for the original reasons of redundancy or the avoidance of vendor lock-in. 

A study asks: do pyjamas affect home working productivity?

Find out the effects wearing pyjamas had on productivity and mental health during lockdown.

Budweiser’s insights: meaningful change, or marketing ploy?

In times of crisis, what do customers actually want from a brand?

How will remote working affect the post-pandemic business?

We explore how we could be working in the new normal and what our tech needs to do for us.

Helping you prepare for a return to the hybrid workplace

We explore what hybrid working is, what it means for the future of work and what you should consider.

Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility

Employees engage in activities that put them, as well as the business, at risk so it is necessary for companies to educate and empower them.

Lockdown 3.0 How’s it going?

What is needed to help colleagues work effectively and securely away from the office?

5 Key Findings From Lockdown

Blue Saffron has helped 100’s of customers adapt their tech for greater agility & value for money. Discover for yourself how to optimise your investment in IT.

Metrics that drive increased productivity

Measuring business productivity can help an organisation’s ability to fully utilise its resources in order to create customer satisfaction.

Cyber Insurance – is it worth the money?

Data breaches and cyber attacks can lead to expensive fines and have subsequently convinced companies they need protection.

Improved Information Security

The newly distributed workforce has increased company exposure to cybercrime and data theft. Security underpins future success.

A More Agile Business Model

As lockdown slowly lifts it’s vital that leaders shore up their firm’s resilience and future success, while remaining agile in the face of economic uncertainty.

Penetration testing for cyber defence

Five reasons why pen testing is essential for your organisation’s health and security. 

Rethinking Your Customer Experience

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, companies will need to rethink what customer experience means and how they will continue to engage and support them. IT has a vital role to play here.

Data-backed Workflow and Automation Business Improvements

As lockdown slowly lifts it’s vital that leaders shore up their firm’s resilience and future success, while remaining agile in the face of economic uncertainty.

The redefined Workplace

We look at what happened as firms went into lockdown, what is happening now as they emerge into a less restrictive environment and what companies can do next to be future-ready.

What can we learn from Lockdown working?

Blue Saffron has drawn on its experience as a MSP supporting thousands of end users during lockdown to share what we know.

The Covid-19 implications for the UK recruitment industry

How has the recruitment sector fared thoughout Covid-19? Find out more here.

How to keep your remote staff happy

Discover a few ways to boost morale in your remote workers.

Coronavirus and the threat of cybersecurity

Advice on how to protect yourself and your company from cyber criminals.

Tips on how to stay effective when working from home

Here are some tips to make working from home more effective.

Remote and flexible working guide

While coronavirus rapidly spreads, we give advice to businesses when considering a contingency plan to avoid serious disruption to their operations.

Presenting: APSCo’s Recruitment Tech Survey Results

We recently asked recruitment leaders about their IT needs. Find out what they told us in our second video of the series.

Top IT Business Trends for 2020

Find out our IT predicted trends to keep your business at the top of your industry.

Get the most out of your IT budget in 2020

Read on for some key advice to help you get the most from your IT budget.

The Best IT Services for Recruitment Companies to Outsource

Read on for the lowdown on the most popular outsourced technologies.

Why are cloud solutions important to recruitment firms?

Find out how cloud solutions can drive productivity and profitability for recruiters.

Good reasons for recruitment agencies to outsource IT

Find out the benefits that can be gained by outsourcing to a Managed IT provider.

Welcoming our Strategic Advisory Board Member, Suhail Mirza

Mirza is a well-respected recruitment sector professional with a mission to support the industry through effective use of a range of new technologies and managed services. 

Blue Saffron Secures Test Licence for Direct Routing

Blue Saffron announces it has secured one of the first test licences issued for Direct Routing for Teams in the UK.

How IT improves your company’s productivity

Businesses that use technology to their advantage increase productivity by 6% each year. Find out how.

Got the IT Budget Blues? Here’s our Advice

Whilst not over spending is a top priority, cost shouldn’t be your initial consideration at all in the first phase of sketching out your budget.

Improve your productivity with IT: five steps to success

At its core, productivity can be defined by levels of efficiency, capacity, and rate of quality output. So it makes perfect sense, IT should be involved.

Security for Recruiters

IT security should be a serious priority for the recruitment consultancies, to protect their brand, trust and reputation.

Charities, Security & GDPR

The Third Sector has the same challenges as other businesses around securing their valuable data, but are they prepared?

Why Outsourcing IT helps recruiters do what they do best

The functional and financial benefits of outsourcing tech for recruiters.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT

Thinking of outsourcing IT? There are immense benefits to focusing on your core strengths and seeking assistance in other areas.

Why Outsourcing is the Helping IT Hand that the Third Sector Needs

Important reasons why choosing the right provider could be the smartest decision you have ever made.

GDPR: useful resources

Here we have compiled some really useful resources – whether you are running your own compliance project or using external help.

Best Practice For IT Budgeting

How should you tackle the process of producing an IT budget that delivers value, doesn’t take forever and is aligned to the business?

GDPR, Cyber Essentials, IASME and ISO 27001

Just how do these relate to each other, are they the same, do they impact everyone?

Rise of Machines in Recruitment

Tech offers immense benefits to recruiters keen to work more efficiently, collaborate more and operate remotely.

Charity Mergers

Mergers should forge a great working partnership between two aligned workforces. Effective IT strategies will help make that a reality.

Charities and IT Alignment

How the charity sector might use technology better to support the document management challenge presented by changes in data security.

Charities and Outsourcing

Why it makes sense that the Third Sector is anxious about outsourcing; and why they should consider it anyway. Key considerations.

GDPR Overview

General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) at a glance, a what-should-I-do guide. Guidance for data, backup services and IT compliance.

Your Guide to Cyber Security Protection for Business

We continue to see real cyber threats to the UK on a daily basis and the rate and scale of these attacks show little sign of abatement.

GDPR plain and simple – a CEO’s guide

We have witnessed a veritable tsunami of advice (and hysteria) on GDPR. Here’s a simple guide, covering what you need to know.

GDPR – The Brexit Impact?

The UK is leaving the EU but what might this mean for the adoption of General Data Protection Regulation EU standard? We take a look.

GDPR – How might it impact you!

GDPR will give people more control over their personal information. What challenges might these changes mean to your organisation?

Ransomware – A guide to end user survival

A history and the background of Ransomware and importantly a pragmatic guide on how to take steps to mitigate against an attack..