The landscape of the recruitment industry is changing shape due to the increased prominence of digital and technological innovations. Over recent years, in situations where in-person contact has not always been possible, technology has stepped in to support, and in doing so, offered many additional benefits to the recruitment industry. But are recruitment processes driven by technology more successful than legacy hiring processes? And will algorithms ever surpass the importance of personal contact?

Whilst finding the sweet spot in between these two processes can be difficult, businesses adopting a proactive approach to IT are reaping the benefits and gaining a competitive advantage over those who aren’t. With approximately 60% of employees wanting hybrid working to remain, virtual recruitment and remote working is the future of the working world.

At Blue Saffron, we can help your recruitment business thrive and improve your client experience; working in partnership with you to implement good IT to improve productivity and create a modern, attractive workplace experience.


Benefits of Technology for Recruitment

Competition in the recruitment sector is intense and you need to ensure your business remains ahead of the game. Implementing the latest technology to your recruitment process is an effective way to design an attractive and compelling workplace to entice new candidates.

We at Blue Saffron believe that technology has a fundamental role to play in the success of hiring future employees. To give you a better understanding of the rise of automation in the recruitment sector and its impact, we’ve outlined some of the benefits below.

Remote Recruitment

With the increase in flexible working guidelines, location is no longer a restriction to the hiring process. Instead, the pool of talent to choose from is widened and recruiters can search far and wide for the perfect candidate. Additionally, shifting to digital video interviewing tools saves both the employer and candidate time and money. We, at Blue Saffron, are an accredited Microsoft Partner and will provide expert management of your Microsoft suite to help you to become more productive in the recruitment process. With a plethora of features including voice, video conferencing, messaging, applications and file sharing, Microsoft Teams is the solution you need to give your business a competitive edge. With Blue Saffron, your business will benefit from demonstrable performance improvement via experienced managed IT services of your networks, applications, systems and software.

AI-powered Recruitment Tools

With AI-powered employee referral tools, recruiters can identify the best fit in an employee’s network. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to scout out the top talent for the position. Additionally, AI-solutions enable recruiters to remove any bias, prejudice or discrimination when selecting candidates which ensures a diverse hiring process. At Blue Saffron, we’ll help you to harness the power of AI tools to re-imagine your business recruitment process and create many new exciting opportunities.

Programmatic Job Advertising

With programmatic job advertising, businesses save time and money. Via algorithms, adverts can be directed to specific audiences at selected times, according to the probability that they will engage with the post. Additionally, the software used in programmatic advertising will scan the browsing data of candidates to narrow down and target an ideal demographic, meaning adverts will only reach those who are suitable for selection. At Blue Saffron, we can help you with the use of AI programming technologies and support your customer management systems and databases to improve your communication with clients and attract new candidates.

Smarter Hiring with Blue Saffron

The rise of automation in the recruitment sector has had a grand impact on businesses and due to its many advantages, you can easily reap the benefits of a smarter hiring process. We have written an eBook, You’re Hired! IT in the Recruitment Sector, to give you a better understanding of how you can utilise the power of technology to overcome challenges and enhance opportunities. Download the eBook now to find out more.

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