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Email problems, too much spam getting through, password resets, security advice: staff need help to resolve IT issues so they can get on with their jobs. That’s the role of IT service desks. They improve your IT service availability thereby lifting productivity and enabling your people to perform at their full potential.

Blue Saffron can provide a professional IT service desk in the way that best suits you. We can handle everything or act as support for your in-house IT department, perhaps handling certain types of inquiries, services or processes. We can even manage issues related to third party suppliers.

The benefits of using a professional IT service desk provider, like Blue Saffron, are plain to see:

  • Knowledge – experienced teams who have seen and solved everything because that’s what they do all day
  • Reliability – protects you from skills shortages – we keep everyone’s skills up to date
  • Scalability – ability to scale up support to meet spikes in demand
  • Focus – frees your IT team to focus on strategic issues such as how IT can better serve the organisation’s goals
  • Superior service – a professionally run service desk is more efficient and provides better support due to proven processes and escalation paths, sophisticated support desk software and automated problem notification
  • Continuous improvement – regular review of processes and benchmarking allows continuous improvement and better IT strategic planning
IT Service Desk with Blue Saffron

Flexible IT Service Desk Solutions

We can build an IT Service Desk support plan to suit your business needs using some or all of the following components:

  • Process-orientated set up – we help you agree the rules, maps, responsibilities and processes to professionalise your service desk operations.


  • Service Desk Professionals – our experienced service desk teams have the knowledge to solve most issues first time and provide fast, responsive and ‘human’ solutions to most IT issues.


  • Flexible user engagement – we can offer multiple channels for issue reporting: online, phone, email, or a combination. Our online support and case management system ensures efficient issue logging and the appropriate desk response: we aim for self-help, our target ambition is a first time fix, namely quick resolution, without escalation.


  • Intelligent analysis – we operate a ‘responsibility matrix’ for directing support. It is a rules-based way of determining who’s responsible for what and helps speed up issue resolution. It also categorises the issues, enabling us to direct cases to the most appropriate fix resource.
  • Knowledge of your IT – we build a service catalogue so we share a clear and joint understanding of supported services, and an understanding of what tech is used in a business. This helps to rapidly identify responsibility and impacted service and best of all resolve problems quickly!!


  • Workflow support – we can help deliver your processes such as on-boarding new staff so they can get working quickly and ‘off-boarding’ leaving staff, removing their access to systems and managing security risks.


  • Flexible operating scenarios – we provide first-class, first line support – taking calls from the end user customers. Alternatively, you can manage this in-house and call on us to resolve more complex issues, typically referred to as second and third line support . We can liaise with third party service providers.


  • Support when you need it – every business has different IT support needs. Our Service Desk is fully scalable and can support you around the clock, every day of the week, UK-wide and on a global basis.

Need more than an IT Service Desk. We provide comprehensive IT managed services.

IT Consultancy

Expert insights, IT design and practical project delivery for growing enterprises. We can source, build and manage your IT projects and infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure

Professionally managed IT services of your networks, applications, systems and software to create demonstrable performance improvement.

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Reliable and robust business continuity services to keep your IT available and your business trading whatever the technical challenge.

Microsoft Software & Services

Deployment, migration and expert management of the Microsoft suite including Office 365, Azure and infrastructure solutions.

IT Security & Compliance

In an age of rapidly escalating cyber threat Blue Saffron’s IT security and compliance service helps lower your business risk.

IT Service Desk

A flexible support service combining a passionate team and leading technologies to complement your in-house capability.

IT Service Desk from Blue Saffron keeps your business running

We regularly work and collaborate with in-house client IT teams. We work together in different ways. We can supplement their skills, assist with managing demand spikes, operate workflows or manage specific technologies or services. We are entirely flexible.

Unlike many providers, Blue Saffron employs highly experienced technical service desk professionals on the first line – the people you get through to initially when on your first call or email. Our people get to know your business and have a firm grip on all the components which comprise your infrastructure. That means they understand your priorities and can fix more issues on this first saving, saving your people the delay involved in being passed on to more specialist help. Only exceptional inquiries need to be escalated to what’s called a ‘second or third line’ service, which we can also provide.

We specialise in supporting medium-sized businesses and are structured to meet their particular IT support needs. We have the capacity to handle the support challenges of large teams, geographically dispersed offices and a mobile-enabled workforce. Our customer-centred planning and co-ordination means preventative, restorative and continuous improvement work can be done at times that avoid your busiest periods.

Serving so many medium-sized businesses means we can invest in technology to pre-empt service issues. Many of our clients choose us to provide their software and IT systems. They benefit from our enterprise-grade platform, Solid Blue, which allows us to monitor workflow, manage IT and generate business intelligence, all of which can assist in pre-empting issues before they affect your business.

The combination of a process data driven approach along with the experience and professionalism of our technical staff means that we have a high first-time fix rate and an extremely positive customer satisfaction rate of 98%.


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