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The Microsoft Azure cloud platform, expertly managed

In a competitive business landscape, being able to innovate quickly and run day to day operations efficiently can give your business the edge. Moving your IT to the cloud can bring huge practical and operational benefits, but it can also help you deliver new services faster. To enable such agility, you need a cloud platform which can provide much of the heavy lifting and uses familiar tools and frameworks which can be adapted for your needs. Microsoft Azure is just that.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform for business. It lets you move as much of your IT to the cloud as you require and also supports a hybrid solution, where part of your IT remains on your premises and part in the cloud.

Services can be scaled up or down as your business requires. The platform facilitates a range of IT essentials such storage, backups and identity management. It works seamlessly with Office 365 and many other applications.

Azure also provides an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help solve a whole range of IT and business challenges. It gives the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications using popular tools and frameworks. Services such as databases, data warehouses, identity management, security tools, use of Artificial Intelligence services and much more.

Blue Saffron a member of the Microsoft Partners Network and a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider

Simplify IT management and do more with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a suite of software, platform and infrastructure services, extending organisations a number of benefits:

  • Improves time to market – with Azure, the heavy development work has been done for you; you simply need to configure the services to your business needs


  • Decreases IT time – Azure’s platform-as-service requires substantial reduction in IT administration time, allowing teams to focus on application innovation rather administrative tasks


  • Cost optimisation – investing in new infrastructure is always a large investment of capital expenditure. With Azure this is no longer an issue. Instead of replacing your servers every five years you essentially rent your server from Microsoft for a smaller monthly operating cost. You also mitigate the on-costs of heating, cooling or powering your servers as Microsoft does it all for you.
  • Consistency and robustness – Azure delivers an application platform that ensures consistency and simplicity. Many IT tasks, like patching, updating, testing, networking, and others, are built in


  • Enhanced IT security – Azure is the only cloud service that offers continuous security health monitoring. Microsoft invests over a billion dollars every year in security, including the security of the Azure platform, so that your data and business assets can be protected


  • Support for hybrid cloud – Azure facilitates a hybrid cloud deployment. This way you can take advantage of your on-premise resources as well as the benefits of the Cloud.
Azure with Blue Saffron

A leading Microsoft Cloud Services provider

Microsoft Azure is engineered to be simple, but like most powerful IT, you need expertise to make it really add value to your business. Blue Saffron has a strong track record in helping medium-sized businesses get the most from Microsoft Azure.

We are a member of the Microsoft Partners Network and a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider. We can design and deliver migrations to the Azure platform and we ensure your day to day Azure services are running optimally, managing and monitoring all aspects of security and support. As your business grows, we can advise on the best Azure solutions to bring ideas and impetus to your IT thinking.


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Microsoft 365

Fully managed access to Microsoft Word, Excel and a suite of over 30 other popular applications; benefit from expert management of upgrades, devices, security, data and help with collaboration and support.

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Collaborate seamlessly across your organisation through voice, video conferencing, messaging, applications and file sharing  – enhancing productivity in the process.


Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft Cloud Platform. With incredible flexibility and superior security, it provides an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges.

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