All businesses, to varying extents, are tech-dependent. As many as 91% are now relying on Cloud providers to deliver their technical solutions, while lucrative sectors, such as independent finance, are experiencing booming demand for more technical capacity; as many as 70% of users, in fact.

That last statistic is especially pertinent, because while businesses are tech-dependent, not all of them are tech-fluent. And when a business’ priority is growth and market share, that leaves little time to concentrate on its technical capabilities. That’s where outsourced IT support becomes invaluable.

Outsourced IT isn’t just a convenience. when embraced, it’s an exceptional business driver, regardless of industry. What are the benefits of outsourcing your IT support – and what could it help you achieve? The team at Blue Saffron has a few ideas…

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In-house IT is costly. Not only can it be financially straining, with the costs of sourcing, recruiting and training employees, it can also be something of a resource hog; with planning, implementing and managing your IT distracting you from your wider business goals. Outsourced IT support solves both challenges, with manageable monthly costs that cover your teams, technologies and upkeep.


Expert assistance

It’s challenging enough sourcing an in-house IT expert that befits your technical needs, and it’s harder still to keep them consistently up-to-speed via regular technical training. With outsourced IT support, your technical provider is especially trained across multiple solutions and specialties. You can also expect them to be regularly trained in the latest technologies; it’s a key service to you, and a key selling point of your IT provider.

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Always updated

Speaking of modern technologies, your outsourced IT provider will be able to source, implement and provide continued support for the latest software and solutions; including providing product updates that keep your software secure and compliant. Not only does this ensure you’re up to leading technical standards, but adhering to your regulatory responsibilities by automatically implementing security updates.

Compliance as standard

It’s in your best interests – and those of your IT provider – to ensure every technology they implement matches compliance and security regulations. That security begins at the point of installation, continues via their ongoing support and updates, and concludes when users or devices are retired, with sensitive legacy data removed accordingly. This is before you start exploring their solutions for cyber security, data backup and disaster recovery too.


Enhanced efficiency

If you’re looking to boost your team’s overall productivity, outsourcing your IT could be the answer. Your IT provider will take responsibility for the everyday monitoring and management of your technical infrastructure, relieving the burden on your employees. Your team will be able to focus on important tasks that support your business’ success, without the threat of technical hang-ups.


Seamless scalability

The right outsourced IT support provider will do more than just remediate technical issues; they will help you to harness IT to drive towards your overall business goals. With bespoke IT consultancy services delivered by experts, you will be able to scale your organisation faster than ever before.

Is outsourced IT the answer to your technical troubles?

Whether struggling with technical issues, looking to upgrade your legacy solutions or migrating your business to a new, Cloud-enabled environment, Blue Saffron can help. Dedicated to business outcomes, we follow a customer-first, technology second approach; delivering only the solutions best befitting your business.


Find out today how we can help your organisation increase productivity through IT.

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