You rely on IT. So make sure it’s secure.

Reduce the risk of cyber threats

Business cybercrime is on the rise. And with more of your business processes dependent on your IT, the damage of succumbing to attack are high.

There are three major vulnerabilities:

  • Hacking attacks leading to data loss or corruption
  • Internet security failure
  • Employee error or malpractice

Then there are Government regulations concerning personal data. These are on the increase, making compliance more challenging. Focusing the minds of directors is that, under GDPR regulations, companies can be fined the higher of 4% or 20 million Euro. The UK’s Information Commissioner has also said that the ICO would consider taking action against directors of companies in serious cases.

Adding to the challenge is, to stay compliant doesn’t just involve deploying technology: you have to educate staff as well, changing attitudes and training them in the procedures that will keep the data you hold safe. So, IT security expenditure is now part of the cost of doing business – you have to do it.

Blue Saffron’s IT Security Services provide comprehensive peace of mind for your business

IT Security & Compliance

A service to help reduce your vulnerability to cybercrime and empower you to become compliant.

Managed Security Services

A fully managed IT security service to protect your hardware and software integrated with backup and recovery services in the event of a breach.

Security Strategy & Consultancy

Assistance for companies to prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along all points of the security lifecycle.

Cyber Essentials

The advice and guidance needed to achieve the government’s Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations.

Security Testing & Audits

Assesses the security status and risks facing your business, reviews how well you comply with regulations and advises you on what changes to infrastructure and services are required.

Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Keep security top of mind of users with our integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing platform.

Secure your business along with your IT and data

When you consider the damage to your business of a security or regulatory compliance failure, the benefits of our IT Security & Compliance service are plain to see. Preventing a security failure and avoiding downtime, the loss of customer confidence, potential fines and reputational damage, is a good investment. It provides you with peace of mind – you will have protection from the potentially catastrophic consequences of a failing.

The other driver for acting is that it may soon be a commercial necessity and a prerequisite if you want to bid for contracts from larger corporations and government. Most major organisations now require you to have robust security measures in place, and the government’s Cyber Essentials initiative sets out the security measures it demands for tenders.

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Work with Blue Saffron

We get you compliant and keep you compliant

We have the expertise to help you stay secure and accredited. As we specialise in serving medium-sized companies, we have a good understanding of the right level of security you will require.

Having also helped many companies achieve the government’s Cyber Essentials accreditation, we are also well placed to recommend improvements to your IT and procedures to meet these standards. In fact, you may now need Cyber Essentials as a prerequisite to tendering for work with some clients.

As we only offer the best software, security is built into our applications. But we also offer a range of services to bring you enhanced IT security.


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