Cloud computing is becoming the norm for many industries. Why? Because it offers businesses the opportunity to become more efficient, resilient, and often much more secure.

This ever-evolving technology is particularly important in the recruiting and staffing sector. Almost nine in ten commercial leaders in the sector believe that technology is critical or very important to their future success (1). And 20% of these believe the biggest benefits will come from cloud. This is because it allows recruitment companies to offer an improved customer experience, makes collaboration more effective, allows data to be stored and accessed securely as well as protecting against catastrophic failures or outages. This article explores how cloud solutions can drive productivity and profitability for recruiters.

IT Design & Architecture,

Cloud-based desktops are a simple example of what’s possible for your employees. Unique desktops can be deployed in a matter of minutes, providing your people with the exact tools they need – wherever they are working from. At the 2019 NatWest Technology Conference, Jo Bertram, Managing Director at Telefonica, explained that effective remote working is saving 3 hours per week of unproductive time. Quite simply, the right cloud desktop with the right apps and connectivity can make your business more productive.

We know that clients expect more from their recruitment providers. We also know that candidates flit from one firm to another to find the best jobs – especially those with scarce skills like IT, cyber-security, and engineering. The best recruiters are learning to “dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee” when it comes to delivering the outstanding experience clients and candidates expect. Agile and highly focused is how you win at today’s recruitment game.

In a fast-moving environment with teams of people working with candidates and clients every day, it’s easy for important information to be delayed, mis-communicated or even lost. By

using cloud solutions to capture information directly onto a central information storage location you can provide better experiences all round. Candidates can be kept up to date on the progress of their application. Interactions with customers run more smoothly. Pre-screening and onboarding processes are simplified, making communication faster and more efficient. The bottom line? Vacancies can be filled faster, making it more likely that your clients will place their next hiring assignment with you. What’s not to like about that?

Better collaboration leads to better productivity

Collaborative working is becoming a “must-have” for successful businesses. It makes people more productive, more content with their work environment and therefore protects against skills shortages. Cloud technology makes effective collaboration possible. For example, recruitment companies can integrate internal and external databases. This means data can be efficiently transported between systems. It’s a less manual and more accurate way of working. Collaborative candidate selection processes are more efficient. The right cloud solution can encourage collaboration, giving recruiters the freedom they need to source the best candidates.

If your recruiting data has been kept in silos and it’s been hard to share information, cloud technology can help. By changing the way people access and manage information, you can open up opportunities to automate recruitment processes, allow your teams to share knowledge at any time, improve collaboration, and supercharge your company’s productivity.

Suhail Mirza, Strategic Advisory Board Member at Blue Saffron tells us how the cloud is fundamental to remote and flexible working:

“Cloud is already a very important part of the sector and it will continue to be. You absolutely need cloud tech and portable devices as a recruiter.

“There are plenty of examples of part time working mums who have been outstanding recruiters who balance their work-and home life and I’m aware of a couple of people who have ended up being top billers working three days a week. So, I think cloud tech and mobile devices will be very important in helping people have flexibility.”

Increased data security and compliance

Keeping candidate and client information safe is essential, and this has become more complex thanks to GDPR. More than 16% of recruitment leaders cite compliance with regulations like GDPR as one of their top business priorities (2). Being able to easily locate and manage your data is paramount under GDPR. Cloud solutions are architected to protect your data and help improve compliance. Data is stored in secure environments, giving your business better protection against cyber-attack and data leakage. These ecosystems are continually monitored by teams of technical experts who are skilled in managing cloud performance, mitigating risks to data, and protecting against the constantly changing threats from cyber-attacks.

What recruitment leaders want most from their IT suppliers

More than 29% of recruitment leaders say that the most useful thing an IT supplier can do is to show them how to use technology to solve problems in their organisation (3). Every organisation has a unique set of problems. In practice, this means that each business needs to use technology in a slightly different way to secure the benefits required. If you want the best for your business, there are two things you should do. First, turn to a provider with experience in your sector. Second, make sure your provider can turn technology services into business outcomes. The easiest way to test whether your potential provider can do this is to share your business plan with them and agree what commercial and operational outcome you want the technology to deliver. Whenever you invest in tech, there should be a direct connection to a business outcome. If there isn’t, you may be wasting your time and money.

Find out more

Find out more about moving your IT services to the cloud. Blue Saffron’s managed IT services can help your recruitment business to get the best from IT. We can show you how the right IT can make your business productive, your employees perform better, solve operational challenges, and compete more successfully in your sector.

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(1) Survey commissioned by Blue Saffron and performed by Larato September 2019. Confidence levels across responses = 85%.

(2) Survey commissioned by Blue Saffron and performed by Larato September 2019. Confidence levels across responses = 85%.

(3) Survey commissioned by Blue Saffron and performed by Larato September 2019. Confidence levels across responses = 85%.

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