As the working world evolves, we welcome Gen Z into the new working age; in only three years, they will account for 27% of the workforce. As with each generation previously, new talents, interests, and areas of knowledge are brought forward into the picture; and for Gen Z, it is their experience of being digital natives.

Having grown up with technology at their fingertips and into an age where certain technological customs are ubiquitous, seamless digital experience is no longer an expectation within daily life and work, but the norm. And businesses must learn to adapt their workforce strategy to remain competitive and up to date with developing expectations and technologies.


Top Tips for Recruiting Gen Z Talent

You need to adopt an innovative and considered recruitment process when attracting new candidates. Understanding the current expectations from the Gen Z talent pool is the most efficient way to optimise this process. To give you a helping hand, we, at Blue Saffron, have outlined certain areas for you to focus on.

BeReal and transparent

According to a recent survey with first-time job seekers, 80% claimed it was important that their own personal values aligned with those of the prospect company. In the current recruitment market, applicants not only want to know about the role they are applying for, but the company’s ethos, character and values too. What meaningful action is the business taking to raise awareness for sustainability, diversity or inclusion? The brand story of a business, demonstrating the areas they care about and are committed to, has a major role to play in the early stages of the recruitment process. It is important that you define and articulate your business’ brand story for applicants to engage with. Being transparent will allow potential candidates to gain an understanding of your core values and feel connected to your company.

Time is of the essence

Being time-conscious throughout the recruitment process has perhaps never been more vital: more than 75% of Gen Z applicants would consider abandoning an application that takes over 15 minutes to complete, and over 80% expect a response to their application within a fortnight – time really is of the essence! When recruiting Gen Z, a generation born into technology and accustomed to its habits, you need to ensure your recruitment process offers a seamless digital experience that is streamlined for maximum efficiency. This includes having an application process that can be accessed from any location and on any device as well as allowing candidates to share pre-saved information with ease. This will save time and enhance user experience within the application process.

Opportunities for learning and development

As a generation that has grown up in the rapidly advancing, fast-paced world of technology, Gen Z candidates are familiar with continuous, ongoing development and change. Businesses recruiting Gen Z applicants must adopt the same rapid speed of evolution that matches the external environment of Gen Z. It is crucial your business offers candidates latticed career paths and multiple work formats for development and growth. Via training and leadership programs, you can showcase your business’ commitment to learning and development and supporting those eager to expand their skillsets.

Keep communication flowing

Whilst digitalising your recruitment process increases efficiency and candidate engagement, it is vital to ensure personal contact and human connection shines through. Maintaining high levels of regular and consistent engagement with applicants can prevent candidate drop-off – this is especially important when 90% of Gen Z candidates want to work in an environment with human interaction and connection with colleagues.

Partner with Blue Saffron

For your business to attract the very best of the Gen Z talent, you need a Managed Service Provider to help design and implement a well-crafted and effective recruitment process. At Blue Saffron, we have the knowledge and experience to transform your recruitment. Our webinar, Working from Anywhere, delivers valuable information from expert guest speaker Steve Colvin as he uncovers how to make remote working work for your business and what an optimised digital experience should look like – essential factors you need to know when recruiting Gen Z talent.

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