Managed Networks

Build your IT infrastructure on the right foundations with managed networks from Blue Saffron. Establish a network that enables complete flexibility, enhanced collaboration and more efficient, secure working capabilities.

Robust, reliable, resilient managed networks 

Modern businesses need flexible networks to support their digital transformation initiatives. Working with major providers, Blue Saffron provides reliable and robust managed networks, tailored to your specific needs.

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Reduced Costs

Improve your profitability with managed networks. Our services can reduce costs by up to 25%.

Easy upgrades

Easy upgrades

Our infrastructure supports faster implementation and access to superior, state-of-the-art technology.

Enhanced security

Enhanced security

Our managed networks help protect our customers from common cyber threats including spam, malware and viruses.

Improved service

Improved service

Enhance voice quality, call routing and network management, while making issue resolution more efficient with an application-aware network.

Boosted productivity

Boosted productivity

Well-designed, managed networks enable effective monitoring, prevent network downtime and reduce support.

network reliability

Network reliability

We offer Service Level Agreements that guarantee levels of uptime, and lay out the time it will take us to fix any network issues.

Tailored, effective managed networks

Blue Saffron provides the design, implementation and management of both local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) used to connect multiple locations. Our managed network services include:

business internet

Business Internet and Leased Lines

If you need consistent, reliable internet connectivity, we offer superfast network connections, from simple ADSL 10 Mbps through to 10 Gps connections.


Wi-Fi Networks

A major flexible working facilitator, Wi-Fi networks enable seamless connections, supporting the hybrid workforce and hot-desking.


Software Defined Networks

These high powered, flexible networks are appropriate for heavy network users, allowing fast scalability in times of high demand. They are particularly suitable if you operate using hybrid Cloud systems.


Secure 4G Connectivity

Due to our trusted partnerships with many of the major mobile networks, we can facilitate reliable and secure 4G connectivity for our clients.

Want to discover which of our managed networks is right for your business?

Why Blue Saffron?

As Blue Saffron is part of the UK government’s Department of Digital Culture, Media & Sports’ Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, we are the ideal partner to deliver a managed networks service. We have the expertise and experience to optimise your networks and can offer your business a heavy subsidy towards the installation of high-speed networks.


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Client Success Stories

Discover how our managed IT support services have helped some of our valued clients.

Enhance your infrastructure

Improve your performance, enhance your security and increase your reliability with managed networks from Blue Saffron. Get in touch with our experts today to beginning discussing your business’ infrastructure requirements.