Finding the right IT solutions to move you forward faster

Running a business is tough. Competitors to beat, deadlines to meet, teams to motivate and manage – there are constant pressures. Your IT systems need to support you, not hold you back. Telephony and data networks have to work effectively. Your people need their software tools to work reliably so they can collaborate and perform to the best of their ability.

And IT doesn’t stand still. It continues to evolve so your IT services need managing, securing and updating. Digital transformation is impacting most markets. Businesses are re-thinking their processes, analysing how new digital technology could help them cut costs, become nimbler, win more customers and keep those customers happy.

You can ignore these challenges. But if you’re not reviewing the potential of new IT, you’re at risk from digital disruptors – the companies who have embraced change, figured out the most effective way to operate in your sector and are bringing an enhanced service to market. The result of all these pressures? It can be difficult to stay on top of everything.

The good news is that digital transformation is still in its infancy. The majority of business leaders feel their digital strategy is sub-optimal and more than half are unhappy with how their IT aligns with their business goals. If that sounds like your business, maybe it’s time to get some IT advice and start to identify how IT can help you move forward faster, solve day-to-day IT challenges and help you grow your business.

Assistance in aligning IT with business objectives, combined with the subsequent delivery of a hybrid support and infrastructure solution has reduced cost, and markedly increased responsiveness.

Mike Ryall | Director | Antal

Choose Blue Saffron for your next IT strategy review

If you think IT could be contributing more to your business and want expert advice to clarify your IT strategy, we can help. You might need to conduct due diligence as part of an M&A audit. Or maybe you just feel that your IT department could benefit from third-party help to deal with a specific IT challenge? We offer a range of IT advice and services to help plan and evolve your IT thinking:

IT Audit

A tried and trusted process where we go through all your systems and processes to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and discover exactly how your IT can deliver better results to your business.

IT Roadmap

We match short-term and long-term goals to specific IT and support solutions. Most parts of your business create plans and roadmaps for success; IT should be no different as it supports productivity and enables business success. Thinking through the best approach, understanding options, costs and benefits is not trivial.

IT Strategy

We understand your business goals and recommend IT strategies which support your business goals. Sometimes this is the first time IT has been seen not just as a cost centre but as an enabler of growth and profit. We can also help develop IT plans if you merge with or acquire another business.

IT Governance

We look at processes, checks and balances to make sure your IT is meeting both your needs and government requirements in areas such as security and data protection.

IT Advice

Choose Blue Saffron for IT advice

For over ten years, Blue Saffron has been working for companies across many sectors, building up unrivalled expertise in managed IT with a focus on the needs of medium-sized businesses. We have strong knowledge in IT for professional service firms, recruitment consultancies and the Third Sector. Our IT advice is structured and follows the best practice for aligning IT services with the needs of your business and takes account of compliance, regulation and security considerations.


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Blue Saffron’s IT Consultancy team offers advice and design and architecture services.

IT Advice

Expert insights, IT design and practical project delivery for growing enterprises. We can source, build and manage your IT projects and infrastructure.

IT Design & Architecture

From the end-to-end design of your entire IT service, including services like hardware, software, networks and telephony. Available as an advisory or managed service.

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