As technology continues to evolve, IT has become foundational to your business’ success. However, not all companies are using their IT to its full potential. If you are overlooking basic IT considerations, like implementing regular updates or investing in your cyber security, you could end up wasting money, causing inefficiencies and ultimately limiting your company’s growth.

The first step to avoiding these negative consequences is being aware of the most common IT mistakes businesses are currently facing and how to avoid them.

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What Are the Most Common IT Mistakes?

1. Not Aligning Your IT Roadmap with Your Business Strategy

To ensure success, every business needs to be strategic with their decisions. Your attitude to your IT should be no different. As your IT is so integral to your business’ operations, you need to carefully plan out how you are going to use it, protect it and harness it to garner growth. It is imperative that you ensure that your IT usage aligns with your overall business strategy. Additionally, you need to factor in a concrete plan for disaster scenarios, to ensure that you can react efficiently and minimise damage if the worst case should occur.

It is sensible to consult with specialists, like Blue Saffron, when devising your IT roadmap. We can help ensure that your plan is comprehensive, effective and flexible enough for the ever-evolving technology landscape.

2. Disregarding Your Cyber Security

One of the most significant IT mistakes a company can make is overlooking the importance of their cyber security. Falling victim to a cyber attack could be devastating for your business, resulting in operational roadblocks, financial damages and legal repercussions. Legacy security measures like putting up firewalls and installing anti-virus software no longer provide adequate protection. If you do not take further steps, you could be leaving your business unnecessarily vulnerable.

By working with cyber security professionals, like the experts at Blue Saffron, you can ensure that your data is safeguarded from malicious actors, both inside and outside of your network.

3. Forgetting to Back Up Data

While you might consider forgetting to backup data one of the more inconsequential IT mistakes, in the event of a disaster it could result in your business losing a lot of time and money. Data loss could occur for a number of reasons, both accidental and malicious. For instance, files can be lost due to cyber attacks, natural disasters or accidental deletion. To avoid these unwanted consequences, it is essential that you schedule regular backups for all the data in your systems.

4. Avoiding Automation

All businesses know the value of efficiency. When time is money, finding ways to speed up repetitive processes can be extremely profitable for your business – particularly in high-pressure industries like recruitment and professional services. That’s where automation comes in. By introducing automated solutions to your business, you can increase productivity and allow your staff to focus their attention on the most pressing tasks that require personal input.

5. Not Listening to End Users

Your employees use your IT systems every day and, as a result, they can give objective and honest reports on how effective they are. If you want to improve your technical infrastructure, their feedback is invaluable. If you fail to listen to your team, vulnerabilities, inefficiencies and roadblocks could remain unresolved and hinder the effectiveness of your overall operations.

Overcome Common IT Mistakes with Blue Saffron

With an expert IT partner, like Blue Saffron, by your side, it will be easy to sidestep these IT mistakes. Our strategic guidance and innovative managed services will help you to get the most out of your IT and drive success.

To begin exploring the potential of your IT systems, get in touch with Blue Saffron today.

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