Its not surprising that consumer buying habits have changed during the past year. We all know that online shopping has surged and Amazon continues to boast record numbers. You may also not be astonished to hear that alcohol consumption has also risen over the pandemic. So, with that in mind, Budweiser stepped in to offer a helping hand. 

The beer maker was clearly aware that many peopleshop onlinelate at night, when they’ve enjoyed one too many tipples. So, in a fit of public-spiritedness, they released a public service announcementthat tries to help. Subtly, the company mentions that it wants you to do your online shopping while drinking Budweiser Zero, its alcohol-free offering.  

Well, it’s not really a public service announcement at all. But if you’re poised on Amazon or any other online retailer late at night, it might help you spend slightly less on things you don’t really need. Or things you really won’t like in the morning – Apparently, Americans spend $40 billion on online purchases they regret. 

I guess you might say Budweiser are reacting to trends. But Brands with the best price, coolest product, or most memorable marketing campaign might not have an advantage compared with those that exhibit emotional intelligence and communicate with care, honesty, and empathy, and buildtrust as a result. In times of crisis, people want to be seen and understood, and they are extremely sensitive to tone and motive. 

We have seen many of our customers having to adapt their business model in the past year. We had to make sure they had the right IT infrastructure in place to help with the transition to cloudbased services and secure home working in order to serve their own customers. Digital engagement, safety and data analytics all play a key role in delivering an exceptional customer experience and the businesses that retain flexibility will inevitably preserve customer faith and longevity. Blue Saffron are well placed to provide all-round, value-for-money strategic expertise to safeguard the customer experience. 

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