Connect your company and your customers with the latest in fixed and mobile voice technologies

New functions available through telephones, whether fixed or mobile, are transforming the way people work. We have the experience to help you get the most out of these new communications technologies.

Conversations are the lifeblood of business. Calls are where sales are made. Calls are where services are delivered. Calls give the opportunity to delight your customers. Yet fixed and mobile telephony systems offer so much more than just voice. Now you can have video, instant messaging, screen and document sharing and many other features and apps. We can help you manage this ‘convergence’ of different media.

With so much choice, deciding on the system that’s right for your business requires experience and expertise. We take into consideration whether you have single or multiple offices, the degree to which you rely on inbound or outbound calling, the importance of mobile working and your preference for on premises or cloud solutions. We’ll advise you on regulation which now impacts a range of areas, including phone number management. And we’ll help you prepare for the future as many legacy systems will not be supported in coming years.

Assistance in aligning IT with business objectives, combined with the subsequent delivery of a hybrid support and infrastructure solution has reduced cost, and markedly increased responsiveness.

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Modern telephony services to improve communications

Blue Saffron can design, deploy and manage your voice and mobile communications. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, features and technologies tailored to how you want to run your business.

Telephony Services

Our service portfolio includes multiple solutions for:

  • Intelligent inbound and outbound voice services – featuring call routing, conference calling and functions for driving sales, ideal for call centres
  • Digital calling – services enabling direct calling from Microsoft Teams and Skype For Business
  • Number porting – to allow retention of your company number when migrating between providers
  • Mobile telephony – we have relationships with largest UK vendors
  • Mobile device management – featuring tracking, remote locking and device security, and allowing staff to ‘bring their own device’
  • Traditional outbound calling services
  • Equipment procurement – flexible telephone systems for a wide range of scenarios, including premises or cloud-based, and mobile phones
  • Service Management – intelligent management of the all your telephony services, features and connectivity

Tailored Features

We’ll propose a service that is tailored to your business priorities. These might be wanting to converge telephony, video and file sharing to simplify their management. Or you could be seeking to introduce new ways of working to improve collaboration or productivity. Your requirements ultimately dictate the service, features and technology but typically we’ll look at the following:

  • Transparent, itemised billing and simple tariffs
  • Call recording
  • Call routing (based on combinations of locations time of day, divert on busy),
  • Conference calling and call transfer
  • Voicemail and voice to text alerting
  • Presence monitoring
  • Twinning with other devices
  • Integration with cloud software
  • Service level agreements to meet your device management requirements

Telephony Technologies

We work with a range of service providers and technologies to deliver fixed and mobile telephony services:

  • Traditional telephony – we have been an Openreach (the UK’s landline network owner and manager) partner for over a decade and can ensure your business is getting the most from traditional analogue and digital (ISDN) services


  • Hosted telephony (also referred to as VoIP) – dispense with on premises equipment with flexible, pay-as-you-use packages that allow you to make rapid changes to call plans, easily add or remove numbers and access calls on fixed or mobile devices
  • Mobile – we work with leading mobile support technologies, airtime providers and can provide the latest devices


  • SIP Trunking – a newer technology that allows for rapid scaling and is considered a flexible alternative to traditional ISDN and analogue services which are due to be phased out by in 2025


  • Device Management – we provide mobile device management and application management to add value to your business and your employee experience. We also provide support contracts for Telephone Systems
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Work with Blue Saffron

Always at the cutting edge of telephony

Fixed and mobile telephony is in Blue Saffron’s DNA. Traditional telephony systems were among the first services we provided when we started in 2004. Ever since, we’ve remained at the cutting edge of providing telephony for medium-sized businesses.

Specialising in medium-sized businesses for all that time means we recognise your needs. We have encountered most scenarios and have the depth and breadth of experience to address most needs. We also understand what all medium-sized businesses want: cost transparency and detail in your telephony usage reporting.

The convergence of telephone, video and data technologies is creating new communication opportunities that are transforming the way businesses function for the better. We are ideally placed to offer the insight, services and support to ensure your organisation makes the most of this revolution in communications.


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