Tech can offer immense benefits to recruiters.

While AI and tech is expanding into the farthest reaches of every industry, there will have to be a considerable amount of progress in AI before it can take too much of a stronghold in replacing, rather than just efficiently assisting, the best in recruitment.

This is largely because people are tricky, awkward, weird, unpredictable, fabulous beings.

It’s entirely possible for two people on paper to both have the same qualifications, experience and skill-set and one be perfect for a role and the other just not the right fit.

Technology can easily source the candidates from a recruiter’s database who have the correct education and work experience. What’s infinitely more difficult for current, affordable tech to do, is to accurately judge the right cultural fit.

There comes, therefore, a time when technology’s assistance must end, and humans must step in to verify the information that technology has provided regarding possible suitable candidates.

Rise of machines, Blue Saffron

The benefits of tech

AI certainly has a place in recruitment. It can search for keywords in CVs, social media and emails far quicker than a team of humans. It can then assimilate the information ready to be analysed by the recruiter, taking much of the grunt work out of the equation so that the recruiter can get on with core activities.

While tech currently lacks some capabilities, it is, without doubt, far better able than a human recruiter to judge entirely without bias. It can base its findings purely on data and can suggest candidates to the recruiter who haven’t previously been seen as potential options.

Tech can also make the candidate experience far more positive. Recruiters may not have the time or capability to reply immediately to every contact. They don’t have to. Tech can take candidates comfortably through the first part of the application journey and align their expectations regarding when they will get a call/mail back.

Tech can offer feedback to candidates who don’t make the grade. Unfortunately, it’s just impossible to speak to every candidate who applies for a role. Tech can make sure that no one is offended or feels mistreated.

A lot of people, concerned with nurturing commercial talent, hope that tech simply continues to work alongside, rather than replace, recruiters. The fear is AI placements would put an end to any creativity in filling roles with candidates who appear not to fit the bill on paper, yet perfectly fit the role. This is something that seasoned recruiters can spot, and technology cannot.

For now, tech can offer immense benefits to recruiters who are keen to work more efficiently, collaborate more, operate remotely and want instant data at their fingertips. It can also provide marketing support via data on the preferences and interests of the best candidates they want to attract.

It won’t be taking over, but it will be taking on a lot of the mundane tasks that recruiters dread. So for now, it’s more than welcome.

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