As an SMB, driving business growth, enhancing productivity and, ultimately, boosting revenue can feel like an uphill struggle. With limited resources, it is essential you are looking for new, innovative ways to improve your business, and this often comes in the form of burgeoning technological services, solutions and offerings.

Technology, when deployed correctly, can elevate your organisation above the competition; it can ease processes, empower your employees and ensure that your customers benefit from an exceptional service. We have devised our top ten technology tips for SMBs, to help your organisation leverage tech to propel growth.

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Technology Tip #1: Do not Fall Afoul of Data Breaches

A data breach can be devastating for SMBs, not just financially, but reputationally and, in some cases, even legally. It is crucial that your SMB utilises technology to fortify your defences against data breaches and invests heavily in its cyber security posture, which can be achieved by partnering with a cyber security solution provider, such as Blue Saffron.

Technology Tip #2: Improve the Customer Journey with Mobile Technology

The waterline for exceptional customer service is rising, and the success of your business hinges on your ability to provide it. Smartphones are at the epicentre of technological development, a sentiment that transcends to customer experience. Your customer service technology needs to be compatible for all mobile phones, to ensure that you can provide your customers with the service they need, any time, any place.

Technology Tip #3: Email Is Still a Useful Tool

While email may feel like a legacy comms solution, because it has been used for so long, it has evolved to such a stage that it is scarcely recognisable from its primitive form. As an SMB, email is one of the most useful tools at your disposal for generating new custom, maintaining existing customer relations and promoting new products, services or marketing collateral.

Technology Tip #4: Are You Using Instagram Correctly?

Instagram allow businesses to create business or creator accounts. If Instagram is a platform that is used by your customers, it can be a powerful tool for you to harness. Ensure you are well-aware of the apps business-specific features, as you can use Instagram to promote your business, far beyond simply posting pictures.

Technology Tip #5: Material Matters

The content you create, matters. It needs to be captivating, informative and bring value to your audience. Technology helps when it comes to the dissemination of said content, and it is crucial you research which platforms your target demographic frequent, and how you can best convey your message in a relatable manner.

Technology Tip #6: Search Engine Optimisation is Your Friend

A successful SEO strategy consists of many contributing factors. While it may require a company-wide, concerted effort, SEO is what is going to get you noticed. In terms of utilising tech, SEO should be top of your list, when it comes to generating new custom, or becoming a pioneer within your chosen field, SEO is the way to go about it.

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