The recruitment industry is modernising rapidly, with IT solutions facilitating greater efficiency, better organisation and more streamlined communication. In the era of virtual hiring, adopting recruitment technology is becoming more essential for businesses wishing to keep up with the new, flexible workforce. So, which tools should make up a recruiter’s technical toolbox? We have compiled a list of 5 of the best recruitment IT tools.

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#1 Job Aggregators

As direct applicants account for 48% of all hires, job aggregators and job boards are crucial to the recruitment process. Job aggregators provide a platform for recruiters to post job listings and specific details that will help the right candidate to find the application. For instance, on popular job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn Job Search, applicants can filter by location, salary, levels of experience and more. As a recruiter, job aggregators are an excellent way to begin the employee lifecycle, getting word out about a new position and attracting new potential hires.

#2. Applicant Tracking Systems 

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that allows businesses and recruiters to collect information, filter candidates and organise prospects based on certain specifications such as experience and skillsets. In short, an ATS helps to structure and organise all the essential recruitment data you need to hire a potential employee. Applicant Tracking Systems are one of the most used recruitment technology tools, with Ideal reporting that 90% of large companies and 68% of SMBs utilising one.  

#3 Human Capital Management Software 

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a set of organisational practices related to the management of people and resources. These practices include hiring the right candidates, managing workforces and optimising productivity, meaning that recruitment is a key part of Human Capital Management. HCM software is an effective recruitment technology tool as it provides support with key processes such as personal administration, benefits administration and salary. HCM software helps recruiters to streamline candidate organisation, and can later be used to aid HR teams with the rest of the employee lifecycle if an applicant is successful.

recruitment technology

#4 Recruitment CRMs  

As recruitment marketing has risen, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) has become a popular recruitment technology tool used to attract, engage and nurture candidates. Recruitment CRMs offer you access to an extensive database, from which you can build a network of candidates. From one centralised platform, you can then assess and manage your applicants based on your own specific criteria. Recruitment CRMs have advanced workflows that facilitate key hiring processes including automated communication, background checks, pre-employment screening and interview scheduling. You will also have access to dashboards, analytics and weekly reports that allow you to measure your own performance, and that of your potential employees. Your CRM software is designed to act as a central hub from which you can monitor and manage the entire recruitment process.

#5 Video Interviewing Tools 

According to a study by LinkedIn, 70% of talent professionals state that virtual recruiting is going to become the new standard, with 81% agreeing that it will remain in use far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, video interviewing software and platforms are becoming essential to recruitment technology. Using a communication platform, like Microsoft Teams, allows you to interview candidates remotely from anywhere, via video chat. As Teams integrates seamlessly with your Outlook calendar, it makes it easier for recruiters to assess availability and schedule convenient meetings.  


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