The outsourcing of IT services and technical support to third-party providers has risen from obscurity to become the norm in recent years, with many organisations struggling to balance the successful running of their operations with managing and maintaining their IT environments. Outsourced IT providers help to ease the burden, implement streamlined technical solutions and proactively prevent issues from occurring.

As this service has become more popular, businesses and providers alike have seen significant changes to the IT outsourcing trends dominating the space. In this article, we will take a detailed look into the top 5 IT outsourcing trends of 2022, and how they will affect your business.

Outsourced It Support

1. More responsibility to outsourcers

IT outsourcers are no longer viewed as break-fix providers, who deliver quick and simple solutions when problems arise. Instead, businesses who outsource their IT are increasingly viewing their providers as an extension of their own team. This means that a significant IT outsourcing trend of 2022 will be the delegation of more responsibility to third-party providers. Businesses will entrust outsourced IT providers with more decision-making responsibilities, involving them in strategy conversations, system design, risk prevention and even more.

2. Outcome-focused outlooks

As IT is increasingly foundational to the success of businesses, more importance is now placed on the quality of the service provided by outsourced providers. When signing contracts with outsourcers and establishing SLAs, the overall outcome will be at the forefront of both parties’ minds, and the intended results will be emphasised throughout the working relationship.

3. Flexibility is a necessity

The working world is currently more volatile than ever, with many businesses undergoing significant periods of growth or change. As a result, IT providers need to be able to adapt to business’ changing requirements or risk becoming obsolete or overshadowed by competitors. One of the greatest IT outsourcing trends of 2022 will be the enhanced flexibility offered by third-party providers. They will be ready to scale projects up or down, increase development speed, suspend progress, increase manpower or introduce new technologies as and when needed. Your IT provider should be ready to adapt to any changing circumstances within your business.

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4. Emphasis on security

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about the status of their cyber security. As a result, one of the most prominent IT outsourcing trends of 2022 is the increase in requests for managed cyber security services. Businesses are utilising IT professionals who provide specialist security services to help protect them against threats to their infrastructure, software and data.

5. Collaborative outsourcing model

As IT becomes more important to business’ operations and the number of technical projects increase, many organisations choose to support their internal teams by co-managing their IT with an outsourced provider. By doing this, the outsourced provider can focus on the day-to-day maintenance of their IT systems allowing their in-house IT team to invest more time into technical strategy and specific projects. As a result of this IT outsourcing trend, businesses and providers need to prioritise communication and utilise collaboration tools to ensure that they can work effectively together.

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The emerging IT outsourcing trends of 2022 have a range of exciting benefits for the modern business, helping to improve their capabilities, flexibility and productivity. To discover more about how an expert outsourced IT provider, like Blue Saffron, could benefit your business, download our battlecard, Optimising IT Support: Inhouse vs Outsourced.

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