Delivering companies with a product suite packed full of powerful solutions, and a wide range of business and productivity boosting applications, all specifically designed to ensure effective collaboration and communication, Microsoft 365 is the clear leader in enterprise, cloud-based productivity suites.

microsoft 365

This highly effective web-based model boasts many powerful, efficiency enabling and useful apps alongside the ones we know and love, including:

  • Microsoft Teams : Teams enables collaboration, with instant messaging and video conferencing. Share files, chat, schedule meetings and host virtual events for up to 1,000 people!
  • Microsoft Power Automate: Easily create automated processes in this no-code/low-code platform.
  • OneDrive: A powerful file hosting service where your users can save, access, edit and share files and photos wherever they are.
  • Publisher: Create polished page layouts and design with this desktop publishing app.
  • Intune: Apply data security policies to help protect business data on all your organisation’s corporate and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) equipment.
  • Microsoft Whiteboard: A free form digital canvas with built-in collaboration features. Great for meetings, presentations, lessons and conferences.
  • Microsoft Forms: A smart daily planner.
  • Microsoft Sway: Create interactive, collaborative, professional designs with this interactive, web-based canvas.


So, why choose Microsoft 365?

Effective remote working solutions

Remote working solutions ensure that all business programmes, files and storage can be accessed remotely, and this flexibility has driven many business boosting opportunities.

Enabling efficient user collaboration, both locally and remotely

Microsoft 365 is perfectly designed for collaboration! With SharePoint hosting all your documentation, files and folders, your teams can easily work simultaneously on the same files simply by sharing links with colleagues internally; even externally, should a recipient have the appropriate access rights.

Cloud services that deliver superior flexibility

Microsoft 365 runs on a resilient, proven and incredibly reliable Cloud infrastructure, meaning that physical servers and infrastructure are obsolete. With no physical equipment, businesses can benefit from additional office space.


Built-in, fully functioning security solutions

Designed with security front-of-mind, with the built-in security solutions within Microsoft 365, there are none of the additional expenses previously associated with traditional on-premise systems. With Microsoft 365, you don’t need to buy or manage any additional firewalls or cyber security. You also can implement MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) security.

Benefit from effective, built-in business continuity

No matter what happens to your office, internet connection or device, with all emails, files and data stored safely within Microsoft 365’s robust cloud infrastructure, your legacy files, data and previous versions will always be available.

Converse with anyone, anywhere, at any time, on any device

The Microsoft Teams app – built to deliver professional communication solutions for businesses – is a great tool for communication and currently has a user base of over 270 million active users.

Simple, easy and seamless platform adoption

With the user-interface already well-known and with users well-aware of the Microsoft solutions and platforms, adoption and transition to Microsoft 365 will be simple, with no – or at worst, very minimal – impact on your teams. All other apps in the Microsoft 365 suite, Word, Excel, PowerPoint are, of course, part of the package.

A fair and flexible price model

As a subscription model solution, Microsoft 365 is economical and flexible. It’s easy to manage versions and to purchase, uninstall and reinstall the software on all relevant end points.


If you’d like to know more about the specific benefits of Microsoft 365 for your business, we’d be delighted to hear from you. At Blue Saffron, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have, simply get in touch.

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