Recruitment companies can gain significant value from increased productivity and protection against skills shortages by outsourcing some elements of their IT. Firms are beginning to realise the full advantages of this approach when they align their business goals to the technology they utilise. The question is, how does a recruitment business leader know what IT to outsource to help their company run like clockwork?

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The benefits to businesses are clear, but the choices are myriad, making some leaders feel overwhelmed and causing difficulty in decision making. This article will help you to navigate through the jargon and give you some independent information to help you choose the Managed IT services that your company would benefit from. So, whether your business is completely new to working with a Managed IT firm, or you’re looking to improve your current capabilities, read on for the lowdown on the most popular outsourced technologies.

This is an invaluable asset for your recruitment business, helping you to work more quickly and allowing your teams to work more collaboratively. Microsoft 365 is a bundle of services including Office 365, plus several other services including enhanced security and some packages can contain Windows 10 Enterprise.

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps that is so much more than the traditional office suite of Word Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. Businesses can enjoy collaboration and document sharing through Sharepoint and Onedrive online, business intelligence through PowerBI,  social discovery and networking through Delve and Yammer, automation and application development through Flow and PowerAppsAlso included are BoookingsExchangeInvoicingMyAnalyticsCustomer Manager, Planner, StaffHubStreamSwayVisio and Whiteboard 

Everything you need to do in your recruitment company is now available in Office 365, including video calls, virtual meetings and much more. Microsoft is the industry leader in office software for a reason  365 is robust, reliable and helps your business to be more productive.  

Office 365 applications can be device-based, allowing recruitment teams to gain access on mobiles and tablets as well as on their desktops. This means you can facilitate flexible and remote working more effectively. This strategy is saving two to three hours per week per mobile worker[1] – time that can be spent strengthening your firm’s performance.

It also allows you to scale your business – it can grow with you. You can pick the apps that are right for your business and add or remove users easily. Since you can scale up as needed, your team can continue to work with the tools they are familiar with as you grow, you don’t have to change to a new system or adapt to new tools.

It’s just as secure as a traditional office-based software system. You can send encrypted email, use Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) to detect suspicious activity and scan emails for malicious links, manage use on mobile devices and prevent data loss.   

With managed Office 365, you avoid the hassle of mobile device managementgain peace of mind from improved security and data protection as well as being reassured that you’ve always got the latest versions, updates and security patches. With help from an outsourced IT provider, you can integrate Microsoft’s applications into your business so that they help deliver the commercial outcomes you want. Achieving this in practice isn’t simple. But with the helping hand of experts to advise, guide and support you through the process, your business performance will improve.

[1] NatWest Technology Conference 2019, O2 presentation

Have you heard of Microsoft Azure? You might not have heard of the service, but you’ll certainly be aware of cloud computing, which is what Azure offers for recruitment firmsThe entire industry is becoming even more fastpaced, with clients demanding that your services are always available and constantly improving. By adopting a cloud-based approach to your computing using Azure, you can access information easily from anywhere and maintain excellent security standards. You can move as much of your IT to the cloud as you need, starting small to test the benefits. You can choose a hybrid model, where some data and applications remain located in your premises and the rest are cloud-based.  

With Azure you can make the most of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with applications such as Bing Custom Search, face recognition, content moderatorspeech translation and speech-to-text. 

It includes a wide range of analytics applications to allow you to gather, store, process, analyse, and visualize your data, and it can handle as much data as you can provide. Its database applications can support your growth and allow you to innovate more quickly with secure and fully managed database services 

The beauty of cloud services is that you can scale them up or down as your business changes and grows. You can effortlessly take care of storage, backups and identity management You can integrate with Office 365 and other software applications with the full support of a team of experts onhand anytime you need them


Outsourcing IT security services is a popular choice for recruitment firms because it’s so complex. Many companies don’t have the confidence or in-house skills to keep up with the growing cyber security threats, and the increasing regulations.

By outsourcing your cyber-security, you can benefit from regular security audits, infrastructure risk assessments, security system health checks and ongoing protection. Firewalls, anti-virus, anti-phishing, and malware protection are popular choices for outsourcing. This is because they help protect you from security breaches that could destroy your ability to deliver services to your clients. If you want to boost your business safety, outsourcing your IT security is a smart move.  

No business is exempt from dreaded system breakdownsWhen they happen, they have the potential to bring your company to a grinding halt. By outsourcing your disaster recovery service you can make sure you have an efficient recovery planIf the worst happensyour Managed IT provider will assist in enacting failover processes that will allow your business to keep operating. Then their team of experts will restore your full IT and telephony environment so that you get back on track as quickly as possible.  

Many clients choose to opt in to managed Back Up as well as Disaster Recovery so they can be confident in the robustness of their back up and disaster recovery strategyIt’s possible to back up cloud applications with Azure back up and Cloudally as well as backing up your premise-based systems. Using a cloudbased  backup solution is often more comprehensive, faster and cheaper. 


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