We continue to see real cyber threats to the UK on a daily basis and the rate and scale of these attacks show little sign of abatement.

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Whether supplementing in house expertise or acting as outsource partner, Blue Saffron can assist. Our range of services and products cover a broad spectrum of security requirements and specializations.

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Understanding the complete Security solution

There is no doubt that security is both a complex and an ever changing landscape. A “good enough” security program is not good enough in today’s volatile environment. Putting in place a second-rate program can result not only in major business losses, but ultimately business failure.

Security takes many forms, the reference framework below illustrates the many different facets of end to end information technology security. It is important to note that physical, personnel and operational solutions are equally as important in constructing a robust environment.

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The increasing complexity of security requirements and solutions is driving increasingly more companies to consider managed security services (MSS) outsourcing as an adjunct to or to act as a replacement for more directly employed resource.

Those who have pursued this strategy are experiencing a wealth of advantages by leaving security in the hands of experts, and re-focusing their attention on their core business.

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Benefits of a Managed Security Service

One of a portfolio of managed services, Blue Saffron offer a range of security services. Blue Saffron work with industry renowned experts to build our solution sets. Be it security related to data, email or web.

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Companies face an uphill battle in their quest for information security. Threats to security continue to change and multiply along with the technologies used to deter them. Designing, implementing, and managing a successful security program is a vast, complex, and costly undertaking for most companies. Since no security program is 100 percent fail-proof, the success of a program is measured by its effectiveness in managing risk.

Rather than assuming all of the risk/liability themselves, many companies are sharing the responsibility with managed security services (MSS) providers, and reaping a number of business advantages in return.

Web Threat Protection

The increasing trend for a web based workforce and the proliferation of social media has meant that businesses are more exposed than ever. There are many tools at our disposal from limiting access and preventing risky behaviour to monitoring usage and actively detecting threats before they are reached.
Over 50% of data-theft attempts occur over the Web and over 75% of malicious code come from legitimate sites that have been compromised.

Email Filtering Solutions

The ubiquitous method of communication for most businesses today is email – which makes it imperative that this access channel remains productive and trustworthy. Filtering of unwanted messages and active detection of malicious code is a must, but we can go further and secure both the data you send and receive.
Approximately 300 billion emails are sent every day and over 80% of all email messages are spam.

Data Management and Protection

Data Security is the core of any security policy and needs to be approached from all angles to be effective. Email and Web security are integral aspects, as is user authentication and encryption of data internally and externally. Local protection for devices both on and off your network is needed – this includes your high utility servers as well as your company mobiles and tablets.
The growing trend of personal devices in the workplace has created an all new challenge for businesses.
By providing best-of-breed solutions we can help protect your data from mal-intent and neglect, ensuring you maintain productivity and control.

Monitoring and Reporting

Visibility of potentially dangerous activity highlights areas of unwanted exposure and helps you meet and mitigate further risk. On-going management of risk prone aspects of your operation will make prevention methods even stronger and allow you to adapt to the changing landscape. Meanwhile, in case of a security breach, early warning is critical to effective isolation of any threat and containment of loss – which can be greatly reduced or eliminated by effective monitoring.

Understand our IT Security & Compliance Services

At all levels Blue Saffron can secure, monitor, protect and report on the security of your data – whether it’s stored inside your network, on your employees mobile or in your customers inbox. We have a solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure and meets your level of compliance.


Cost reduction is probably the biggest advantage that companies achieve by outsourcing their security functions. In general, it is less expensive to outsource than to maintain a fulltime security staff in house. MSS providers offer economies of scale by spreading out the cost for security experts, facilities, hardware, and software over numerous clients. In addition, the skills, experience, and advanced technologies offered by MSS providers substantially reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, sparing companies the costs associated with those attacks.


Due to the shortage of qualified information security professionals, attracting and retaining critical staff is a huge challenge for companies. Outsourcing relieves them of this responsibility, leaving staffing in the hands of MSS providers. It also gives them access to highly trained and experienced security personnel. An MSS provider is able to recruit the best in the profession – people who have made information security a lifetime career – by offering training, career challenges, and promotion opportunities. Companies benefit from their professional certifications, technology know-how, and extensive experience in handling hundreds, or even thousands, of security incidences on a daily basis across many clients.


The facilities offered by MSS providers are another major outsourcing draw. Many providers have specialized security operations centres (SOCs) in multiple locations. Managed by highly trained personnel, these facilities are typically state-of-the-art, offering best-in-class hardware and software solutions designed to keep clients secure.

Service Performance

Companies benefit from higher service performance levels by outsourcing their security functions to MSS providers. Through their security operations centres (SOCs), MSS providers can offer management, monitoring, and support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, compared to in-house personnel who may only be available during normal business hours. Their operational procedures ensure uninterrupted service availability and fast responsiveness. In addition, through best practices and proprietary methodologies, they are adept at determining threat relevancy and eliminating time-consuming false alarms. MSS providers are also accountable for the quality of their services. Service levels are guaranteed, thereby, minimizing client risk.


Compliance with the myriad security-related laws and regulations existing in most countries today is a daunting task for businesses. Not only must they understand the intricacies of these complex legal requirements, but also come up with solutions for bringing their security programs into compliance. Through MSS outsourcing, companies gain access to compliance expertise and solutions. MSS providers offer comprehensive knowledge of legal requirements and industry standards, as well as experience in developing and implementing best security practices. They also provide audit services to ensure clients remain in compliance on an on-going basis.

Your Guide to Cyber Security Protection For Business

We continue to see real cyber threats to the UK on a daily basis. The rate and scale of these attacks show little sign of abatement. We have collated some of the  more pragmatic reference guides for assistance in effectively protecting your organisation from these attacks  – broadly a mix of policy, education and awareness, and investing in a modern set of up-to-date defences.

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Pragmatic advice

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