Technology to make law firms more competitive

IT to meet the challenges faced by law firms

These are challenging times for law firms. Meaningful growth can often only be achieved at the expense of other firms which intensifies the competitive environment. Reports show profit per equity partner is falling1, suggesting productivity needs to improve. Digital transformation is presenting new ways of working and clients demand high standards. Then there is continuing pressure to attract and retain the brightest legal minds to maintain the firm’s reputation and output.

Faced with such challenges, more progressive practices are changing the way they work to gain competitive advantage and grow profits. They are upgrading their legacy systems and using software to better manage their practice. They are facilitating flexible ways of working to unlock more billable hours, because it’s increasingly expected by staff and critical in attracting the next wave of talent.

Leaders in most law firms recognise that IT has the potential to unlock new opportunities, tackle productivity concerns and create an improved workplace experience. So what’s holding you back?


Our IT services are designed to make your legal practice more productive.

Managed Infrastructure

Professionally managed IT services of your networks, applications, systems and software to create demonstrable performance improvement.

IT Service Desk

A flexible support service combining a passionate team and leading technologies to complement your in-house capability.

Microsoft Software & Services

Deployment, migration and expert management of the Microsoft suite including Office 365, Azure and infrastructure solutions.

IT Security & Compliance

In an age of rapidly escalating cyber threat Blue Saffron’s IT security and compliance service helps lower your business risk.

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Reliable and robust business continuity services to keep your IT available and your business trading whatever the technical challenge.

IT Consultancy

Expert insights, IT design and practical project delivery for growing enterprises. We can source, build and manage your IT projects and infrastructure.

IT to enable your legal practice to thrive

Law firms which embrace IT are best equipped to improve productivity, outperform their competitors in the fight for new clients as well as new talent. Processes can be streamlined and lower value task can be automated; technology can help win more work and increase client satisfaction. Those firms taking a more proactive approach to IT, are realising the benefits and gaining a competitive advantage:

  • Stronger collaboration delivers better results – cloud-based software with built-in version control enables teams to review, edit and comment on documents together wherever they are working
  • Flexible working creates a more engaged workforce – hosted desktops allow your team to access all their documents on the move, helping lawyers increase productivity and contribute more billable hours.
  • Better document and case management increases billable hours – practice management software can automate the management of client records, billing and bookkeeping, schedules and appointments, deadlines and computer files and facilitate compliance with regulations.
  • IT security for increased peace of mind and regulatory compliance – client confidentiality is paramount for the legal sector and firms need confidence that files are securely backed up and available quickly should things go wrong
  • Improved client experience – video and conferencing apps offer more convenience for clients and improve in-house communications
  • Costs are better managed – typically many IT costs are now paid monthly and are aligned to the size of your operation. Your costs only grow when you do
  • Better communication – customer management systems and databases are improving law firms’ ability to communicate with clients and prospective clients
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Enabling law firms to work better and retain talent

Most law firms understand the potential of IT but fail to unlock its business value. Some firms report difficulty in recruiting and retaining the depth of top quality IT staff to fulfil the opportunities offered by technology. Consequently, IT can be seen as difficult to implement and may not be contributing to productivity and the workplace experience in an optimal way. It needn’t be like this.

Blue Saffron works extensively with the legal sector. The support and development of IT services for professional services firms has been the very foundation of our offering for over a decade. Having worked with many medium-sized firms, we understand their challenges and have developed intelligent IT solutions to create positive impact for legal practices.

If, like many law firms, you are still running old proprietary or legacy systems, we can help you get more from these systems. When you are ready to explore what good really looks like, we can advise on how IT could better meet your business needs. We can help you migrate to modern flexible IT systems, cloud services and more productive software. We have seen how great IT can be transformative in improving the way you work, increasing productivity and helping attract and retain the talent you need to succeed.



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