The fight to attract new talent is taking place across a global, web-enabled playing field. Candidates are now digital natives who value collaboration, business culture and modern technology. So, how can you stand out from the competition and attract the best talent?

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand how to harness the power of automation tools for recruitment. This allows businesses to streamline their hiring process and reap the many benefits these technologies provide. Yet, it’s often the case that whilst recruitment firms understand the potential of IT, they fail to unlock its business value – is this the case for you?

At Blue Saffron, we have extensive experience in the recruitment sector and can help you implement technology to improve productivity and workplace experience in an optimal way. Partnering with us will enable you to increase client satisfaction and attract the new talent needed to thrive. To help you understand why you should adopt automation tools for recruitment, we’ve outlined some of the benefits below.

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Pre-screening Candidates 

Candidate lists need to be distinguished between those shortlisted to progress further and those not. Thus, it’s important that communication workflows are consistent and accurate, with the right messages corresponding to the right applicants – if not, awkward situations arise when candidates receive news that isn’t meant for them. At Blue Saffron, we can help you harness the abilities of automation tools to ensure your initial candidate selection process is seamless and all communication is delivered accurately.

Improved Candidate Experience

With automated candidate relationship management (CRM) systems, you can improve candidate experience by strengthening communication with applicants. For example, via email automation, you can reduce response times and ensure all applicants remain up to date with important information. Additionally, automated email flows keep applicants engaged and ensures they don’t lose interest in the role. Keeping the conversation alive within the age of automation is crucial and at Blue Saffron, we have the expertise to help you combine the powers of technology with human interaction to strengthen your hiring process. 

Automated Interview Process

Manually conducting interviews can be a long and time-consuming task for recruiters, but with the adoption of automation tools and artificial intelligence solutions, you can redesign your HR programme and revamp your candidate experience. For example, conducting interviews via Microsoft Teams streamlines productivity within the interviewing process and frees time for recruiters. During the pandemic, global Teams subscriptions rocketed from 44 million to over 100 million in just 6 months; partnering with an accredited Microsoft Partner, such as Blue Saffron, will ensure expert management of your Microsoft suite and seamless communication throughout your recruitment process.

Get the Best out of Your IT with Blue Saffron

The utilisation of automation tools to hire candidates allows businesses to re-imagine their recruitment process and attract the best talent; ensuring they remain competitive within the ever challenging and ever changing recruitment industry.

In our webinar, How Digital Transformation is Changing Recruitment, guest speaker Tim Cook explores some of the challenges and opportunities of technology within recruitment. To find out more about how Blue Saffron can help you harness the powers of technology to improve your recruitment process, check out our webinar, today.

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