Managing your business’ IT is certainly no walk in the park. Especially if your team’s workload is bursting at the seams, your infrastructure’s outdated, you’re constantly struggling with hardware issues, or your IT simply can’t keep up with the pace at which workplace technologies evolve. The result: your productivity, business development, and revenue suffer. 

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If one, two, or more of the following tell-tale signs apply to your business, it might be worth thinking about outsourcing an IT provider to complement your in-house IT team. This will help get your IT back on track and give your business growth a reboot.

7 signs it might be time to partner with an IT provider

#1 Your IT is lacking certain resources

The digital landscape is a fast-paced environment. With constantly evolving technologies, businesses need to keep up with the frequent changes and rethink how to use new technologies to enhance their business operations. But with new technologies and digital transformation come new issues and the need for new solutions – issues that need to be solved and resources to support those solutions. However, a one-man IT team, or no team at all, is simply not enough and doesn’t provide you with the expertise and knowledge you need to keep your infrastructure up to date to avoid falling too far behind.

#2 Your systems aren’t secure enough 

With the evolving digital landscape come increased security risks. Especially with the shift to remote working, cybercrime strikes more frequently and is more aggressive. That’s why it’s critical that your systems and endpoints are fully protected and your data secured. You need to ensure that you’ve got comprehensive security policies implemented, that your data is fully backed up in case of a disaster and that your employees are trained and aware of the latest cyber trends. Is your in-house IT team up to this job?

#3 You’re not compliant with data protection regulations  

Alongside security, many businesses are concerned about various compliance requirements. Not being compliant to specific regulations could lead to legal complications, reputational damage and financial loss in most industries. An IT provider can help minimise the risk of violating these requirements in case of a data breach or data loss. By offering comprehensive cybersecurity and backup and disaster recovery solutions, a Manged Service Provider ensures that your data is always backed up and protected. 

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#4 You want to avoid business downtime

Suffering extensive downtime can have a huge impact on your ROI. That’s why it’s critical to keep your systems up and running and avoid potential interruptions so that your team can work efficiently and keep their productivity up. A Managed Service Provider ensures that your business operations are running smoothly 24/7 and offer continuous support to solve any potential issues quickly and efficiently. This helps you to enhance profitability, productivity, and uptime – and provides you with peace of mind at the same time.

#5 You’re not proactive enough 

Being proactive is key in the new digital era. Failing to respond to IT issues quickly can lead to substantial downtime and a loss in revenue, as outlined above. Outsourcing your IT provides you with the benefits of an infrastructure that is managed, monitored and maintained 24/7, allowing you to detect and solve issues before they happen.

#6 You’re investing too much money in your IT

By outsourcing your entire IT team, or a part of it, you can save a fraction of the costs that you would otherwise spend on recruiting and training your own team that could include several administrators with different areas of know-how, help desk staff, and your IT director. Whereas with an IT provider you have a fixed monthly fee that includes all the services you need. If you need an additional service, you can simply add it to your plan. Plus, an outsourced IT provider will consult you on which hardware and software solutions you need and which technologies it is worth investing in to support your overall business growth.

#7 Your business growth has come to a stand-still

Is your business not where you want it to be, or has your business growth slowed down drastically? The underlying reason could be that your current technologies don’t support your overall business goals and strategy, which has caused the development of your business to come to a halt. An outsourced IT provider doesn’t just fix your IT but considers your current needs and looks at your business in the long run, creating an IT strategy that supports both your current and future business goals to boost growth.

If any of the above tell-tale signs apply to your business, it might be worth considering outsourcing your IT, or at least part of it.

As putting the IT into the hands of an IT provider requires a lot of trust, it’s important to take the time and consider your options carefully. To help you facilitate your journey to find the perfect IT provider and make the right decision, we’ve created a handy guide that supports you with every step along the way.

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