Most business owners have heard that digitally transforming their business by replacing their legacy and on-premise technology with transformative solutions, like cloud-based software and services is essential for survival and growth. However, because of the many digital transformation myths that exist, people often feel investing in transformative technology is like taking a leap of faith. And they lack the confidence to take the first step.

This blog will debunk some of those misunderstandings and digital transformation myths to help you make confident decisions about what’s right for your business.

Digital transformation myths

Common Digital Transformation Myths

Digital transformation isn’t necessary and is too expensive for SMEs

This is the most common digital transformation myth. However, the truth is that digital transformation can help smaller businesses to grow, while legacy technology can prohibit growth.

For example, most cloud-based technologies and business applications now are accessible to businesses of all sizes thanks to their low-cost, subscription-based models. Perfect for SMEs wanting to reach their potential, these solutions can:

  • Help to grow and retain a client base;
  • Boost productivity and efficiency;
  • Keep costs low and predictable;
  • Enable flexible working to attract and retain staff; and
  • Support and facilitate fast business growth.

Viewing technology as a success enabler rather than simply a cost centre can help SMEs realise their business’s endless possibilities and potential.

Digital transformations must be extreme, and my employees will not like the change

Every business is different, and transformation should never be approached using a ‘cookie cutter’ mentality. If your business model works perfectly well, it’s not always necessary to overhaul all operations. And even if it is, you should never attempt to do everything at once.

There are likely to be a handful of areas where technology can make your business more efficient, resilient, and productive.

And as far as employees go, while some may resist change initially, there will be plenty who will welcome new technology if it makes their jobs easier or allows them to shift their time from repetitive and manual tasks to the work they want to do.

In short, don’t let this digital transformation myth hold you or your business back.

Digital transformation is only for technology companies

Many senior leaders who lack a clear understanding of the benefits IT can deliver mistakenly believe that transformative technology isn’t relevant to their industry.

On the contrary, most businesses rely on technology to function these days, and every day, innovations are introduced which improve efficiency or deliver better customer experiences or data insights. These outcomes are helpful for the vast majority of industries, and in time, new technology will come to impact them all.

Digital transformation isn’t a priority

The reality for most businesses is that the longer you take to digitally transform, the further you’ll fall behind your competitors.

Consumers and business customers expect fast, transparent, and convenient services. If you cannot deliver against these expectations, you risk losing even your most loyal customers to your competitors. But by having the right technology in place, your business can anticipate and respond faster to new market demands, enabling you to steal a march on the competition time and again.

If you’re ready to start your transformation or take your next step, partnering with an expert IT provider can help you navigate the journey more confidently and extract maximum value from your investment in transformative technology.

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