Technology: The Easy Solution to Hiring, Firing and Everything In Between

A core component of recruitment is human interaction. From better understanding a prospective candidate, to gauging your clients’ needs, a face-to-face conversation can go an awfully long way. With the adoption of hybrid, globally-dispersed workforces, meeting in-person isn’t always a viable option. In the ever-changing world in which we live, creative technology has an integral role to play, especially when it comes to recruitment. The adoption of technology not only enhances the recruiter’s brand, as they are able to reduce the effort involved in the recruitment process for both themselves and the applicant, but they are able to streamline workflows, by automating laborious processes. This ultimately drives revenue and creates a more enjoyable experience for all involved parties.

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Communication is Key

The relationships you forge with prospective candidates, or clients, is paramount to your success as a recruiter. To allow emails to go unanswered, or to forget your post-interview check in, can weigh heavily on the minds of those that have been overseen. While you may have tens, or even hundreds, of clients and candidates to manage, the experience is unique to them, their trials and tribulations aren’t shared, and a forgotten reply can cast a shadow of doubt on their process that is not quickly dismissed.

While there are a number of automated communication systems at your disposal, these should – when possible – only be deployed in the early stages of building your working relationships (interview confirmation, job descriptions, calendar invites etc.). These can often come across as distant, generic and lacking the human touch. Creating genuine relationships with your clients is crucial, and is a sure-fire way of making the recruitment process as open, enjoyable and effective as possible, for all parties – including you.

Technology allows you to form these relationships, regardless of location. By utilising a business communication platform, such as Teams, you are able to speak with colleagues and clients alike, at your convenience. You can further streamline processes by integrating SharePoint within your comms solution, to share data, files and candidate, or job specific, information at the click of a button.

Creative Technology has a Vital Role to Play

As your portfolio begins to grow, so too does your workload. Without leveraging technology in your favour, this can quickly become overwhelming and detrimentally impact the relationships you have formed. Turning to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can streamline processes, centralise both candidate and client information and help you manage your tasks with ease.

Bid a Fond Farewell to Burdensome Tasks, Thanks to Creative Technology

Relationships are the bread and butter of the work you do. It is essential that this is your key focus, and the place you invest most your time. However, there are of course certain administrative undertakings that can’t be avoided. From booking calendar spaces for interviews to follow-up emails for successful, and unsuccessful, candidates, these are part and parcel of the role. But these tasks can be significantly streamlined through the use of creative technology, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters: your clients.

Technology is Paving the Way for a Brighter Future in Recruitment

The adoption of technology doesn’t only benefit the recruiter – in alleviating mundane, monotonous tasks – it facilitates a holistic experience for all involved. By lessening the recruiter’s workload, the candidate is granted greater insight or more in-depth feedback on interview processes, tips and tricks to bolster their CV and guidance on how they can best further their careers. As recruiters can leverage technology to narrow the talent pool, to the candidates they feel are best suited to the role, clients also meet with a higher standard of candidate and vacancies are filled more efficiently.

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