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SharePoint Lists, Automation and Power Apps

On-demand webinar
Expand your M365 usage into SharePoint Lists, Automation tools and PowerApps.

Teams for collaboration and communication

On-demand webinar
Microsoft Teams benefits and how to use this valuable tool more efficiently.

Productivity with SharePoint

On-demand webinar
SharePoint and the six benefits of implementing it.

Microsoft 365: The Art Of The Possible

On-demand webinar
Improve productivity, automation and build custom apps to benefit your business.

Working From Anywhere

On-demand webinar
Discover the ups and downs of WFA and what an optimised digital experience should look like.

Leadership in an age of Technological Transformation

On-demand webinar
Nigel Marsh discusses the challenges within the recruitment and healthcare sectors.

Cloud Q&A

On-demand webinar
Expert guest speaker Steven Harrison, talks about the easiest path to getting the most out of cloud.

Cyber Compliance

On-demand webinar
Award winning guest speaker Chani Simms, talks about  how simple, but effective, cyber compliance can protect your data and profits.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

Download our free Request For Proposal (RFP) template to help you as you begin your IT service provider evaluation process.

Microsoft Cloud: the ultimate enabler for businesses looking to scale and evolve

Download our guide to unlock the vital benefits the Microsoft Cloud has on growing businesses.

Migrate and Modernise: Embracing the Microsoft Cloud

Download our guide to discover how the endless technical capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud could benefit your mid-market business and promote your growth.

IT challenges for the recruitment sector

The recruitment sector has undergone many significant changes in recent years, with remote working effecting both the job market and the hiring process.