Windows 365

Windows 365 is a subscription-based system that provides employees with a Windows virtual machine via the Cloud, meaning they can access all business-wide data, apps and settings through their devices. This mobilises your workforce and ensures they are fully functional from anywhere, at any time.

Welcoming in a New Era

We’ve entered a new age of work; unbound by borders and liberated through technology. However, with this newly found freedom comes its own set of challenges. A remote or hybrid workforce can be challenging to manage, with multiple devices, unsecure networks and varied application usage being just some of the obstacles facing organisations. But, with the adoption of a centralised Cloud-based service, such as Windows 365, you can wave your woes away.

The Key Benefits of Windows 365

fixed cost

Fixed Cost 

For smaller businesses, resources can be scarce. It is therefore essential that costs don’t fluctuate and cause a nasty surprise. Windows 365 works on a fixed cost subscription model, making payments predictable and easier to manage. 


Microsoft Managed

As the hardware involved in Windows 365 is set up, configured and provided by Microsoft, should any issues arise, they are easily, and swiftly, remedied.


Personalised Cloud PCs

Leveraging Windows 365 for your organisation means employees have access to personalised Cloud PCs – granting easy access to all of their apps, data and settings, regardless of location.


Simple, Yet Powerful

As your organisation will be managing desktops through Windows 10 and Windows 11, you will have access to a far more powerful machine than the one you are using. This boosts storage, productivity and the functionality of your device.


Stream to Any Device

By tapping into Windows 365, you can stream to any device, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more.


Added Flexibility

Windows 365 facilitates greater flexibility within your workforce. As your employees are granted access to more powerful remote working equipment, your business can go on as usual no matter the geographical location of your team.

Windows 365 is the perfect solution for smaller businesses, given the fixed-cost solution is easy for all users to navigate and manage. If your organisation requires more granular controls, you should take a look at our Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) page, here.

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What Did Our Clients Have to Say? 

Through Windows 365, your organisation benefits from:





fixed cost

Fixed-price cost


Facilitated growth




Enhanced Security

…and much, much more

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