As millions of us are now working from home, cyber hackers are looking to exploit any vulnerabilities they can find and attempt to steal valuable information from individuals and businesses.


With the initial rush of companies trying to enable their staff to work from home, ensuring they were fully protected may have easily been compromised. But there is help out there!

Experts from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have revealed a range of attacks being perpetrated online as cyber criminals seek to exploit COVID-19. One of the most frequently used attacks with hackers are coronavirus-themed phishing scams – where they trick users into clicking on a link in a website which could deliver malware to steal your credentials or infect your machine for other malicious purposes.  There are however things you and your company can do to protect yourself.

The NCSC has some great recommendations to support secure home working and advice about spotting the typical signs of phishing emails and what to do if you have clicked on the link.

They have also put together a guide for how SME’s can protect themselves from  all kinds of attacks – saving time, money and reputation.

The support desk here at Blue Saffron are still continually monitoring and evaluating the situation as the threat of cyber activity evolves.

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