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SharePoint Lists, Automation and Power Apps

On-demand webinar
Expand your M365 usage into SharePoint Lists, Automation tools and PowerApps.

Teams for collaboration and communication

On-demand webinar
Microsoft Teams benefits and how to use this valuable tool more efficiently.

Productivity with SharePoint

On-demand webinar
SharePoint and the six benefits of implementing it.

Microsoft 365: The Art Of The Possible

On-demand webinar
Improve productivity, automation and build custom apps to benefit your business.

Working From Anywhere

On-demand webinar
Discover the ups and downs of WFA and what an optimised digital experience should look like.

Leadership in an age of Technological Transformation

On-demand webinar
Nigel Marsh discusses the challenges within the recruitment and healthcare sectors.

Cloud Q&A

On-demand webinar
Expert guest speaker Steven Harrison, talks about the easiest path to getting the most out of cloud.

Cyber Compliance

On-demand webinar
Award winning guest speaker Chani Simms, talks about  how simple, but effective, cyber compliance can protect your data and profits.

A comprehensive guide to cybersecurity in 2024 and beyond

Equip yourself with an understanding of the evolving cybersecurity landscape and the tools needed to secure your digital future. Download our eBook now!

A Long-Term Partnership Approach to IT Management

Download our guide to explore the implications surrounding what a co-managed IT support set up could look like.

Inhouse vs Outsourced Infographic

Download our free infographic to help clarify some of the biggest considerations in making the best choice for your SMB when it comes to in-house vs outsourced IT.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

Download our free Request For Proposal (RFP) template to help you as you begin your IT service provider evaluation process.

Microsoft Cloud: the ultimate enabler for businesses looking to scale and evolve

Download our guide to unlock the vital benefits the Microsoft Cloud has on growing businesses.

Migrate and Modernise: Embracing the Microsoft Cloud

Download our guide to discover how the endless technical capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud could benefit your mid-market business and promote your growth.

IT challenges for the recruitment sector

The recruitment sector has undergone many significant changes in recent years, with remote working effecting both the job market and the hiring process.

Brilliantly Managed IT

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current service provider? We can help. Download our free guide today to discover how to identify a truly effective IT provider.

Reach the summit series

In this series of articles, we break down the real challenges to provide third sector CEO’s with practical advice about how to make IT work for them.

MS Teams quick start guide

This guide will ensure you have the right foundation of knowledge so that your Teams experience is second-to-none.

How digital transformation is changing recruitment

On-demand webinar
Expert speaker, Tim Cook, talks around the strategic & operational engagement with tech.

Get Past The Fake News on GDPR

On-demand webinar
We share our experiences of the ICO guidance, and get beyond the Fake News to the truth about GDPR compliance.


To hear some of the pearls of wisdom from guest speaker, Tim Cook, surrounding the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and technology within recruitment, listen here.

GDPR Webinar

Missed our webinar? View it now as we share our experiences of the ICO guidance. Get beyond the Fake News to the truth about GDPR.

The Challenges of Successful IT Management

Increasing complexity and demand for improved financial return drive the need for IT managed services. A free guide.

IT Strategy & Roadmap

Our free IT Strategy & Roadmap eBook. Drive benefits by saving time, reducing complexity and cost and delivering new capabilities.

Blue Saffron Entrust Backup Service

A comprehensive introduction to the Blue Saffron Entrust Backup and Disaster Recovery services – ideal for medium-sized UK businesses.

A Backup Buyer’s Guide

22-page free download offering IT decision makers and managing directors a guide to buying IT backup and business continuity services.

Managed Services: A Customer Experience

Just how well do managed services live up to their promise? A frank look at the IT challenges faced by small to medium companies.

GDPR Overview

General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) at a glance, a what-should-I-do guide. Guidance for data, backup services and IT compliance.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

How a hybrid approach to backup is changing the market place. Essential business continuity advise for medium-sized UK businesses.

The Future Of Disaster Recovery

A joint paper by Infrascale and Blue Saffron describing recent developments and innovation in the world of disaster recovery.

Blue Saffron Mobile

The mobile environment is now more diverse, competitive and unpredictable than ever. This should therefore mean greater opportunities.

A Disaster Recovery Primer

Just what is a DR plan and what should I begin to consider for my company in creating one? Download our practical free white paper.

IT Resource Management

A downloadable guide to Blue Saffron’s Managed IT Services, featuring all aspects of managed IT services for medium sized businesses.

IT Due Diligence

Blue Saffron offer a range of IT due diligence services ensuring that IT is a successful enabler for the M&A and transaction lifecycle.

Broadband – A guide to customer options

A bewildering array of options exist for the purchase of broadband. We explore the options and explain the key aspects of purchasing.

IT best practice for charity mergers and collaborations

Key things a Charity CEO or Chairperson should consider about IT when collaborative working or a formal merger is under consideration.