As the business world has adapted to a hybrid model of working, so too has the recruitment industry. Technology has played a major role in facilitating new and innovative solutions for recruiters: enhancing efficiency, optimising communication and enabling virtual hiring processes. However, recruitment IT solutions do not only benefit recruiters. These technical advancements hold a range of advantages for applicants too.


In this article, we explore the top three benefits of recruitment IT solutions, both for hiring professionals and potential candidates. 


More efficient processes 

Recruitment IT solutions can be leveraged to make the entire hiring process more streamlined and efficient, both for the recruiter and the candidate. Using software like Microsoft Automate, the recruiter can automate common tasks, such as scanning applications, screening candidates and even carrying out basic communications with prospective employees. Automated technology also helps to reduce unconscious recruiter bias, as the software will screen applications based on key words, qualifications or experience. As well as enhancing the speed of the hiring process, automation helps to tackle issues of discrimination within the sector. 

Enhanced recruiter-candidate relationship 

While the recruitment industry can be aided by technology, it is primarily founded on human relationships. As investing in new recruitment IT solutions makes the hiring process more efficient and frees up resources, it allows recruiters to focus on improving their candidate relationships. While automation can carry out commonplace, repetitive tasks, recruiters can begin to build a personal rapport with their prospects and assess qualities more accurately. This personal touch helps to improve the candidate experience and ensure that the recruiter’s business maintains a positive reputation. 


Greater clarity for candidates

It is not good practice to keep candidates in the dark throughout the recruitment process. One of the most important jobs a recruiter has is maintaining clear, efficient and transparent communication with an applicant, from beginning to end. Fortunately, recruitment IT solutions enable communication to be faster, more streamlined and more versatile than ever before. While recruiters can contact applicants via channels such as email, Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Teams are making candidate communication more personal and flexible. Microsoft Teams allows recruiters to reach out via chat or video call. Microsoft Teams Voice also allows recruiters to integrate VoIP capabilities into the Teams application, enhancing their availability whilst on the move. These impressive recruitment IT solutions help to provide greater clarity for the candidate, and therefore improve the chance of a successful and fulfilling hire. 

Blue Saffron: IT providers for the recruitment sector  

Attracting and attaining valuable talent is becoming a more difficult job, as the workforce becomes more empowered and enabled every day. Harnessing the power of IT recruitment solutions is essential in order to gain a competitive edge. With experience in the industry dating back to 2004, Blue Saffron are experts in providing IT solutions that enable recruitment consultancies to increase productivity, enhance efficiency and transform performance.  


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