The recruitment industry is fast-paced and rapidly evolving. For businesses to remain competitive, they must harness the latest technologies to scout out and attract the very best of the talent pool. As the relationship between technology and recruitment goes from strength to strength, it is important you are aware of how technology has changed the hiring process to best maximise your business’ potential.

Partnering with a Managed Service Provider such as Blue Saffron will enable your business to utilise technology to transform the performance of your recruitment process. We’ve outlined certain advantages recruiters who leverage the powers of technology can benefit from.

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Understanding Recruitment Needs

The start of any hiring process begins with understanding recruitment needs and assessing the gaps that require filling. Once these needs have been identified, job specifications such as responsibilities and duties, as well as the skills, knowledge and experience required can be defined and attributed to the position. From this, you can ensure that you connect with the appropriate prospective employees. To aid this process and keep applicants engaged, recruiters can harness the abilities of text analyser tools which optimise job descriptions by calculating their effectiveness and ensuring the use of inclusive language.

Attracting Candidates

Within the modern client-centric recruitment environment, you must not only have an efficient recruitment process established to attract the right talent, but additionally highlight your company culture, values, ethos and opportunities for growth. This is vital considering 73% of applicants claim they would only apply to a company with whom they share the same values. Yet, attracting qualified candidates can be difficult when the recruitment environment is so competitive. Therefore, investing in the appropriate recruitment technology can help source and attract the appropriate candidates for the required roles. With the support of technology, such as an Applicant Tracking System, you can increase the speed and efficiency of your recruitment process.

Assessing Candidates

Once applications have been received, it is now up to the recruiter to assess which are qualified for the position. This is an important core stage of the recruitment process and often an arduous and time-consuming one. However, recruiters can leverage new recruitment technologies such as Al-based candidate skills assessment tools to assess candidates based on their job skills and personality traits; automating the screening, grading, and shortlisting process to ensure an efficient and streamlined process.

Interviewing Candidates

Using technology to conduct interviews enables recruiters to assess a wider range of applications regardless of location. Being able to gauge tone of voice and body language is extremely important, considering only 7% of the meaning we convey is attributed to the spoken word, whereas tone of voice makes up 38% and body language 55%. That’s why it’s so crucial to have the right technology for video interviews, because a telephone call or a CV simply cannot provide this information.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best available solutions for recruiters. It offers all the features you need to increase your efficiency during in the hiring process and is highly customisable to individual needs. As an added benefit for recruiters, Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate telephony into your existing Microsoft Environment. With Microsoft Teams Phone, you can combine calls, chats and meetings all in one hub—enabling your team to increase their productivity and put an end to endless application switching. You can learn more by reading our blog about the benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone and Rooms for recruitment businesses.

Get the Best out of Your IT with Blue Saffron

Technology has established itself as a vital component within recruitment and integrating it into your hiring process can bring many advantages to your business. Facilitating the collection of information and communication with candidates and understanding how technology has changed the hiring process, will ensure you implement the right tools to remain competitive in today’s market and recruit the highest quality of candidates.

At Blue Saffron, the IT managed services we provide are designed to help recruitment consultancies be more productive. Our webinar, Leadership in an Age of Technological Transformation, details the challenges within the recruitment and healthcare sector and focuses on what is being done to address them. Specifically, it covers the rapidly changing UK labour market landscape, including candidate shortages and record vacancies, compliance plus the ever-greater role of technology. To find out more about how Blue Saffron can help your organisation increase productivity through IT, check out our webinar, today.

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