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Deciding on the ideal IT set up for your company is no simple task. You may have growth plans and need to factor in what your future operation will require. You could have a legacy IT system that you know is holding you back but are unsure what to replace it with. There is increased compliance and regulation, such as GDPR, requiring more rigorous IT security and data protection. And then there is the need to remain competitive. Developments in technology can offer the potential to radically improve efficiencies and ways of working. But you may be unaware of what is available. You can always delay, but will your competitors wait or seize the advantage?

To unlock the full potential of IT, most medium sized businesses usually need some extra guidance and support. Our IT Consultancy service provides just that. We give you realistic advice that takes into consideration where you are now and your appetite for change. We can then design a tailored IT solution that seamlessly integrates market-leading technologies. And as we are a leading Managed IT Services provider we can also source, build and manage your IT projects and infrastructure – or provide any mix of those services to complement your in-house IT skills.

Blue Saffron’s IT Consultancy team offers advice, design and project delivery services.

IT Advice

We provide strategy and roadmaps to plot how to get from where you are now to where you want to be, covering procurement, IT audits and assistance with specialist M&A.

IT Design & Architecture

From the end-to-end design of your entire IT service, including services like hardware, software, networks and telephony. Available as an advisory or managed service.

IT Project Delivery

Robust delivery of new projects, tackling troubled IT projects and help and guidance when clients have other service providers.

Take the worry out of identifying and sourcing the right IT.

As many MDs and FDs appreciate, digital change is hard. Good IT begins with sound advice and clear strategy. Yet, more often than not, a poor IT strategy is at the root of poorly performing IT.

Our team of highly experienced IT consultants are well-positioned to advise you on the right approach to IT planning. We can bring your business a range of benefits:

  • Fresh eyes and expert solutions – planning and delivering IT is what we do, so you’ll find our team brings ideas, market know-how and renewed impetus to your IT thinking


  • Your business only pays for what it needs – our advice ensures that you’re not wasting your time or your budget on technology that doesn’t add value to your business
  • Your business has the IT tools to realise its goals – a successful IT strategy aligns business goals with IT solutions


  • Speed to market – our project management helps you move faster, our buying power helps deliver good value and our integrated software and solutions help you secure the maximum business benefit quickly.

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Companies approach us when IT presents them with a challenge or an opportunity. They may have a specific technical problem that needs solving, or need support in fixing a wayward IT project. Clients often have a future vision but are unclear on what sort of IT will help them get there. Blue Saffron has in-depth, practical experience of designing solutions that deliver real business value, so whether you need expert IT insight or a team of consultants as an extension of your IT department, we are here to help.

We can audit your current IT set up, spot gaps and highlight risks, or work with you to develop plans to move you forward. We can also help you design and plan your IT estate.

As for project delivery, we have a depth of practical experience of managing IT systems on behalf of clients, intervening when systems are under-performing and delivering one-off projects. Maybe you want to migrate services to the Cloud or upgrade your Office 365 across hundreds of computers? Whatever the task, we ensure projects are delivered on time with minimal disruptions to your operations.

We work with medium-sized organisations in many sectors, but have a particular specialism advising professional services firms, recruitment consultancies and the Third Sector on how to get the best out of IT

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