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To remain competitive, medium-sized businesses need to innovate while ensuring day to day operations are both productive and efficient. IT services are an important enabler of productivity, efficiency and innovation. As cloud computing makes it simpler to use and source software and computer resources, the movement of IT services to the cloud in recent years is not surprising.

‘The cloud’ refers to the use of IT services hosted on the Internet, rather than on servers at a company’s premises. Today hardware, software, networks, platforms and data storage can all be managed in the cloud and provided as a service. There is a wide range of cloud providers and services are highly flexible; pricing, for example, is typically based on monthly usage.

Businesses which have embraced cloud solutions find they can do more things, more quickly and manage their budgets more effectively. Cloud solutions are worth serious consideration, particularly for growing and medium-sized businesses.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

  • Improved business agility – it becomes easier and quicker to scale services based on demand, add new software and improve the accessibility and availability of data, services and systems to support mobile working
  • Operational simplification – less physical computing resources on premises reduces the overheads associated with administering onsite technology and makes the process of upgrading to the latest technology a whole lot easier
  • Financial savings – costs can be managed more effectively, capital expenditure reduced and cash freed up to invest in business priorities
  • Greater reliability – modern enterprise-grade cloud technologies reduce the risks associated with system failures across disks, servers and networks while bringing additional resilience to security and backups

Assistance in aligning IT with business objectives, combined with the subsequent delivery of a hybrid support and infrastructure solution has reduced cost, and markedly increased responsiveness.

Mike Ryall | Director | Antal

Proven for cloud migrations and cloud service management

There are a number of challenges with cloud or hybrid solutions: difficulty integrating with existing architecture, concerns around data and privacy, and legal and regulatory compliance issues are common concerns.

Choosing the right cloud suppliers, migrating services to the cloud and ensuring the ongoing integrity of these services requires expertise. Moving to the cloud is not a ‘one size fits all’ operation. Many businesses could benefit from a hybrid model that combines the advantages of the cloud with the specific benefits of maintaining some services on-premise.

Blue Saffron will help you assess the business case for moving to the cloud, help you define the right solution and work with you to implement it in your business. We are ‘technology agnostic’ as we have no vested interest in any specific solution. We are familiar with a range of scenarios from first-time cloud migrations, moving between clouds and integrating across a truly outstanding range of cloud technologies. Once you are live, our expert managed services team will ensure you are supported so that you can reap the business benefits.

We take a stage-by-stage approach:

Cloud Readiness Assessment

An audit to help understand cloud migration challenges.

Cloud Solution Modelling

Design to help you understand how a cloud solution would work

Adoption Project Planning

A plan for how your business would be impacted by a cloud project

Service Roll Out

Projects to implement a cloud or hybrid-cloud migration

Cloud with Blue Saffron

Work with Blue Saffron

The right cloud partner for your business

Helping businesses move wholly or in part to the cloud is one of the most common customer requests we receive at Blue Saffron. Businesses have many questions as they consider cloud options. How will the cloud work with their current infrastructure? How can the cloud help achieve business goals? Do they have the skills to migrate to the cloud and then manage cloud services? What are the risks?

Experience and deep knowledge of managing cloud migration projects and operating cloud services are critical when evaluating moving to the cloud. Blue Saffron has extensive experience in all aspects of cloud IT and we are an approved Microsoft Cloud Partner. We can help you migrate onto the cloud, manage cloud-based services and provide integration services – in fact all the services needed for cloud IT to help you achieve your business goals.


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