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IT should be a frictionless enabler. When planned and managed properly, strong connectivity, brilliant applications, modern telephony and secure technology will bring many benefits to your business and enable it to flourish. That is what our Managed Infrastructure services deliver.

We have a first-class track record in designing, sourcing and managing all aspects of IT infrastructure for medium-sized UK businesses.

Our IT management services does what it says on the tin: we manage all your IT, taking responsibility for everything – capacity planning, minimising downtime and maintaining business productivity. That will involve systems, network and storage management, overseeing devices, the software which runs on them and the networks that connect them. We make sure the whole system runs reliably, anticipating and solving issues while ensuring you remain compliant with the latest regulations.

Blue Saffron offers a comprehensive range of managed infrastructure services

Applications & Systems

Managing the software and systems your business relies on.


New ways to store and manage your data and IT services.

Fixed & Mobile Networks

Comprehensive connectivity solutions.

Procurement & Sourcing

Helping you buy tech better.

Fixed & Mobile Telephony

Keeping your business talking.

Managed Infrastructure

All our managed infrastructure services.

More productive, better protected, great value

Today, the competitive landscape is more intense than ever before. Regulation is becoming more onerous and compliance is an increasing burden on management time and resources.

As people become more tech-savvy they are increasingly unforgiving of slow systems and poor software. So, businesses that want to succeed need to manage their IT in a professional and intelligent way. Intelligently run IT has a hugely positive impact for employees too: fast connectivity, flexible communication tools and smart software all enhance the experience of working for your business.

This impact on performance and culture means that securing the best IT is a decision for Managing Directors and CEOs, not just IT leaders.  The benefits are plain to see:

  • Your business runs better – with great connectivity and modern software, technology empowers people to be more productive


  • Your business is more competitive – your team can work more flexibly, colleagues can collaborate better and customers can reach you more easily
  • Your business is safer – from security threats and from down time. You’ll have the peace of mind of reliable back-ups and knowing you comply with the latest regulations


  • You can make better business decisions – whether it’s planning IT costs or using data dashboards and reports to get real time insights into your business so you can be more agile

Work with Blue Saffron

Managed IT Services for Medium-Sized Organisations

Clients come to us for many reasons, but they stay with us for our reliability, insight and our relentless focus on managing their IT in a way which supports them in achieving their business and operational goals.
Our starting point is to understand the challenge at hand and get IT working for you. An audit of your current IT estate will identify where IT can better meet your business needs. Then, with our extensive experience of working with medium-sized businesses, we will help you navigate those choices and make the best decisions.

Getting the different elements of your IT infrastructure to work together to release the full benefits is one of the biggest challenges. Our managed services platform, Solid Blue, connects many best-in-class applications and provides dashboards to monitor both systems and business performance. Again, our experience of working with medium-sized firms means we can quickly design your IT to deliver KPI dashboard visibility, 24/7 monitoring, process automation and reliable security.


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