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IT to meet the challenges faced by accountancy firms

The accountancy sector is highly competitive. Clients are increasingly demanding and research suggests their expectations are not always met. In fact, many firms are struggling to meet deadlines, keep up with new regulations and adapt to digital transformation. There are additional commercial pressures to improve client communications and improve marketing, sales and quote-to-cash. If these challenges aren’t distracting enough, there is also the pressing issue of finding the best talent. The best and brightest staff now want a supportive business culture and a modern, tech-enabled workplace experience.

The more progressive accountancy practices have approached these challenges as opportunities and are changing the way they work. They see technology as an enabler of competitive advantage and a pathway to better profits. These firms have upgraded their legacy systems and are using software to better manage their teams and improve their service to clients. They are facilitating flexible ways of working to improve productivity and attract talent.

Leaders in most accountancy firms recognise that IT has the potential to unlock new opportunities and ways of working. So what’s holding you back?


Our IT services are designed to make your accountancy practice more productive.

Managed Infrastructure

Professionally managed IT services of your networks, applications, systems and software to create demonstrable performance improvement.

IT Service Desk

A flexible support service combining a passionate team and leading technologies to complement your in-house capability.

Microsoft Software & Services

Deployment, migration and expert management of the Microsoft suite including Office 365, Azure and infrastructure solutions.

IT Security & Compliance

In an age of rapidly escalating cyber threat Blue Saffron’s IT security and compliance service helps lower your business risk.

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Reliable and robust business continuity services to keep your IT available and your business trading whatever the technical challenge.

IT Consultancy

Expert insights, IT design and practical project delivery for growing enterprises. We can source, build and manage your IT projects and infrastructure.

IT to enable your accountancy practice to thrive

Intelligently designed and managed IT is critical in helping accountancy firms improve productivity, outperform their competitors and create a modern, attractive workplace experience to attract new talent. Those firms embracing the potential of IT are realising the benefits and gaining a competitive advantage:

  • Stronger collaboration delivers better results – cloud-based integrated software like Excel and Sage, or newer services like Xero, enable firms to serve clients better, collaborate on projects and improve productivity
  • Flexible working creates a more engaged workforce – hosted desktops allow your team to access all their files on the move, helping accountants increase productivity and deliver improved client services
  • Intelligent automation to improve productivity and client service – software is automating manual tasks like receiving expenses, managing VAT and liaising with banks and HMRC
  • IT security for increased peace of mind and regulatory compliance – client confidentiality is paramount for accountancy firms, so they need to be confident that files are securely backed up and available quickly should things go wrong
  • Improved client experience – video and screen-sharing apps for web conferencing offer more convenience for clients and improve in-house communications
  • Costs are better managed – typically, many IT costs are now paid monthly and are aligned to the size of your operation. Your costs only grow when you do
  • Better marketing, more clients – customer management systems and databases are improving accountancy firms’ ability to communicate with clients and win new business
  • Valued added services – as valued advisers to their clients, accountants must maintain a watching brief across technologies and trends such as digital service delivery, cyber security and developments in artificial intelligence
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Work with Blue Saffron

Enabling accountancy firms to work better and be more competitive

Most accountancy firms understand the potential of IT but fail to unlock its business value. Firms often hold back from change as IT is seen as difficult to implement. Many firms also report difficulty in recruiting and retaining the depth of top quality IT staff needed to seize the opportunities. Blue Saffron helps you overcome both these obstacles

We work extensively with the accountancy sector and understand the competitive, productivity and cultural challenges faced by accountancy firms. The support and development of IT services for firms has been the very foundation of our offering for over a decade. Having worked with many medium-sized firms, we understand their challenges and have developed intelligent IT solutions to create positive impact for accountancy practices.

If, like many accountancy firms, you are still running legacy systems, or your IT is not adequately supporting your business growth, we can help. We can advise on how IT could better meet your business needs. We can also improve your current systems or help you migrate to modern, flexible IT, cloud services and more productive software. Working with many accountancy firms, we have seen how IT can improve the way you work, increase client satisfaction and attract the talent you need to thrive. It is transformative.



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