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The way businesses use day-to-day software is changing. The cloud is becoming a shared workspace. Employees, wherever they are based, can log in remotely and work collaboratively on documents, join conference calls and attend meetings.

Microsoft provides a suite of productivity and collaboration tools backed by decades of expertise, investment and innovation. Their Microsoft 365 product range has expanded well beyond the market-leading Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. And their Azure cloud platform provides a range of sophisticated tools driven by data and AI – the result of years of tech innovation. These can deliver significant advantages for your business.

Their Windows desktop and server software is the industry standard operating system on which billions of devices rely. Alone, these services can be transformative. But integrating the different applications can generate even more opportunities for collaboration, data sharing and enhanced business performance.

As a Certified Microsoft Provider, Blue Saffron helps companies get the full benefit of Microsoft’s cloud software and robust platforms. We remotely manage your IT infrastructure and end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model that simplifies billing.

Give your business a competitive edge with Microsoft

Microsoft 365

Fully managed access to Microsoft Word, Excel and a suite of over 30 other popular applications; benefit from expert management of upgrades, devices, security, data and help with collaboration and support.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate seamlessly across your organisation through voice, video conferencing, messaging, applications and file sharing  – enhancing productivity in the process.


Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft Cloud Platform. With incredible flexibility and superior security, it provides an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges.

Tailored support, flexible contracts

Our comprehensive Microsoft managed service provision covers cloud solutions, on-premise deployments or a mix of both, more commonly known as the ‘hybrid’ approach. Using our expertise significant advantages compared to managing Microsoft in-house:

  • Hassle-free Microsoft service management – freedom from the aggravation of having to purchase, install, update and troubleshoot software – it’s all covered under our service agreement
  • Expert migration and seamless upgrades – we’re experts at moving business to Microsoft services and managing large-scale upgrades from older versions
  • Always up to date – computers and systems are kept up to date and secure as we deploy patches on the week of release, choosing a time to minimise disruption to your team
  • Flexible services and predictable billing – pay as you go plans allow you to alter your expenditure to reflect your changing business needs paying only for the services you need with the flexibility to add or remove products when you require them
Microsoft Services from Blue Saffron

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We’ll help you make the most of Microsoft

Whether it’s Micosoft 365, Azure or Windows operating systems, we can help you get the most value from your Microsoft investment. You have the reassurance that we are members of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and are an accredited Cloud Solution Provider.

Before you buy, we get to know your operation and plans so we can identify what technologies will best meet your needs and add value to your business. As we have a high degree of expertise in supplying Microsoft solutions, we know how Microsoft products can best be utilised by mid-sized businesses, especially those in professional services, recruitment and the third sector where we have many clients and extensive experience.

We can adapt the software to meet your particular requirements and provide service support. Throughout, you will always have a single point of accountability should you need assistance, and one clear, itemised bill every month.


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