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There has been a steady rise in remote working in recent years. The Office of National Statistics had predicted back in 2015 that as many as 50% of UK employees are likely to be working in some variant of this by the end of 2020. The impact of Covid 19 has accelerated adoption beyond what many considered overly optimistic to an estimated 50-60% of UK working population.

It makes sense as there are so many advantages to it – not limited to increased productivity, improved efficiency, lower overheads and reduced stress. It presents an opportunity for all of us to reconfigure and re-examine our workplace practices and make changes so technology works better for us.

We have had unique visibility and insight into the technology challenges many of our customers have faced through the Covid-19 pandemic. We have combined the experience of migrating hundreds of customers to secure and performant remote working environments with  independently commissioned research.

The result, a remote working solution designed specifically for the mid-market Enterprise. As technology makes leaps and bounds, the good news is that the solutions are here for the taking now.

What is our Remote Working Solution?

Blue Saffron offer it’s customers a modular portfolio of products and services designed with workplace mobility in mind, ensuring your workforce continues to enjoy high quality access to relevant data and applications and importantly without  compromise of security and compliance.

Our aim is to help your organisation achieve tangible benefits – including increased productivity, reduced costs, greater access to skilled workers, robust business continuity, increased employee satisfaction and retention.

We will tailor technologies to ensure optimal fit to your specific requirements. This is achieved through a thorough analysis of your environment to fully understand your needs and business processes.

Some of the products and services include:

  • Secure, managed business-grade connectivity
  • Cybersecurity protection
  • Recommendations about optimising your investment in IT and Telecoms
  • Collaboration through cloud-based Microsoft applications -including Teams- configured to protect against data loss
  • Evaluation of remote working deployments and recommendations for optimisation and future improvements
  • Assuring the performance of voice communications
  • Optional sourcing or upgrading of equipment and applications
  • Flexible commercial contracts

It may sound odd to say but COVID made no difference to us at all in the tech sense. Our BSL solution meant we all took our laptops home with us and simply carried on working as normal.

Paula Ghinn | Head of IT | On The Go Tours

Blue Saffron’s Remote Working solutions to keep your business moving.

Managed Infrastructure

When planned and managed properly, strong connectivity, brilliant applications, modern telephony and secure technology will bring many benefits, not least a productive, agile and efficient modern workplace.


Ensure workforce stays connected using a range of agile and speedy tools, from Teams to SharePoint, for voice and video conferencing and real-time file sharing to solve problems and perform vital tasks.


Remote working brings with it new vulnerabilities, so ensure your organisation is secure and your data protected. As cyber threats and hackers become more sophisticated, Cybersecurity Technologies are critical.

Advice & Consultancy

By identifying and reviewing your remote working demands, we can help to plan, implement and support your remote working solutions to improve flexibility and increase productivity.


Increase process productivity, efficiency and effectiveness using our robust and agile platform – Solid Blue. Empowering your business through IT by automating business workflows, dashboards and processes.

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For over ten years, Blue Saffron has been working for companies across many sectors, building up unrivalled expertise in managed IT with a focus on the needs of medium-sized businesses. We have strong knowledge in IT for professional service firms, recruitment consultancies and the Third Sector. Our advice is structured and follows the best practice for aligning IT services with the needs of your business and takes account of compliance, regulation and security considerations.


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