Practical advice for third sector CEO’s

At Blue Saffron, we are big on learning. It’s impossible to succeed in the tech industry if you are not infinitely curious about change and innovation and that curiosity, for us, crosses over to the third sector.

So, to get right to the crunch, and share the information we have found, here are the details.
Over 260 Charity professionals took part in a survey that Blue Saffron developed to understand where technology empowers you and where it gets in your way. Your response was extraordinary. You’ve provided us with over 30,000 data points that show what’s working, what isn’t and the frustrations you’d really like to get rid of. In this series of articles, we break down the real challenges to provide you with practical advice about how to make IT work for you.

Guide 1:

Tech From The Top

Guide 2:

Remote Working

Guide 3:

Disaster Recovery

Guide 4:

Digital Giving

Guide 5:


Guide 6:


Guide 7:

Working Practices

Guide 8:


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