Managing your network well is key to success. It underpins everything. 

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Networks have changed the way we work. They now enable businesses to collaborate better, access information anywhere, work more flexibly and be far more productive. The quality of experience delivered to users and customers depends on the performance of the networks that connect all the company’s other IT. And the digital initiatives, such as big data and the internet of things, which are transforming the way many traditional organisations operate, all need reliable networks.

The downside of this reliance on networks is that, if they fail, there’s a risk of reputational damage, as consumers begin to doubt the reliability of service and even the organisation’s ability to protect their personal data. So safeguarding connectivity is a business priority. And the value of good network design and management has never been more important.

You can handle networks in-house but a managed service provider is more likely to have the capacity and team of skilled IT technicians needed to ensure reliable availability.

Assistance in aligning IT with business objectives, combined with the subsequent delivery of a hybrid support and infrastructure solution has reduced cost, and markedly increased responsiveness.

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Robust and flexible network services from Blue Saffron

Businesses are looking for smarter and more flexible networks to support their digital transformation initiatives. There are many variations and every organisation’s requirement is different. Based on your needs, we can advise on the right combination of services and connectivity. Once live, we monitor and manage the heartbeat of your network in order to fine-tune performance and ensure reliable service and support.

Blue Saffron provides design, implementation and management of both local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WAN) used to connect multiple locations. Underpinning each solution there are a multiplicity of building blocks, technologies and services. We work with all the major providers to make your network reliable and robust. Services typically include:

  • Business Internet and Leased Lines – superfast network for growing businesses needing reliable internet connectivity. From simple ADSL 10Mbps through to 10Gps connections
  • Wi-Fi Networks – ideal to enable flexible-working and hot-desking
  • Software Defined Networks – high powered, flexible networks for heavy network users. Allows fast scalability in times of high demand and is particularly suitable if your systems are a mix of in-house and cloud.
  • Secure 4G connectivity – we have partnerships with many of the major mobile networks
Managed Networks with Blue Saffron

Work with Blue Saffron

The managed services specialist for mid-sized company networks

Blue Saffron can help you navigate the numerous network choices, defining a specification that will meet both present and future needs. We consider how the network will need to scale, what technologies and services it has to support, what speed is required, what service level agreement you need and how your offices and teams have to collaborate.

With over ten years of experience in designing, installing and managing networks for medium-sized businesses, we frequently deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs – managed network services can typically reduce costs by as much as 25%.
  • Easy upgrades – we have infrastructure in place to support quicker implementations and access to state-of-the-art technologies that companies might not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Enhanced network security – many of our network services embed products that protect our customers from spam, malware, viruses, intrusions, and inappropriate web content.
  • Improved service – including voice quality, call routing and network management. With an application-aware network, issues can be resolved on the fly without causing congestion.
  • Improved performance and productivity – well designed networks enable effective monitoring, prevent network downtime and reduce support.
  • Network reliability – we offer Service Level Agreements that guarantee levels of uptime, and the time it will take us to fix any network issues.

We are also a UK government-approved network provider and part of the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sports’ Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. This can offer businesses a heavy subsidy towards the installation of high-speed networks.


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