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IT to increase productivity of your Third Sector organisation

These are challenging times for Charities, Social Enterprises and the Third Sector. Digital transformation is shaking up existing fund-raising models and opening up potential opportunities. There is pressure on productivity as charitable givers need assurances that donations are processed transparently with only the smallest amount spent on administration. The sector faces unprecedented scrutiny from stakeholders and regulators with data compliance regulations such as GDPR placing a heavy burden on Charities to ensure personal details are kept in a compliant way.

If that weren’t enough, for many Third Sector organisations finding, attracting and engaging a talented team of full-time staff and volunteers is a key priority and critical success factor. Young talent wants a compelling workplace experience and the flexibility to work remotely. They expect to be mobile-enabled with access to software and services that help them contribute more effectively.

In terms of productivity, innovation, compliance and staff retention, technology has a huge role to play in helping the Third Sector grasp a successful future.


Our IT services are designed to make your Third Sector organisation more productive.

Managed Infrastructure

Professionally managed IT services of your networks, applications, systems and software to create demonstrable performance improvement.

IT Service Desk

A flexible support service combining a passionate team and leading technologies to complement your in-house capability.

Microsoft Software & Services

Deployment, migration and expert management of the Microsoft suite including Office 365, Azure and infrastructure solutions.

IT Security & Compliance

In an age of rapidly escalating cyber threat Blue Saffron’s IT security and compliance service helps lower your business risk.

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Reliable and robust business continuity services to keep your IT available and your business trading whatever the technical challenge.

IT Consultancy

Expert insights, IT design and practical project delivery for growing enterprises. We can source, build and manage your IT projects and infrastructure.

IT to enable your charity to thrive

Digital technology has the potential to bring huge benefits to the Third Sector. From improved ways of processing donor payments through to better collaboration between workers in disparate locations, IT should be a major force for good. Those charities and social enterprises taking a more proactive approach to IT are realising the benefits and gaining a competitive advantage:

  • Flexible working creates a more engaged workforce – hosted desktops allow your team and volunteers to work remotely, helping charities increase productivity and deliver improved services
  • Automating tasks improves productivity – automate tasks like payroll, invoicing, donor management, appointment booking and purchase orders, freeing up employees to work on what matters.
  • Stronger collaboration delivers better results – cloud-based software and services enables charities to serve clients better, collaborate on projects and improve productivity
  • Never miss a call – mobile and fixed telephony with call forwarding, routing, queuing and voicemail which can be heard on multiple devices remotely. All scaleable for campaigns or busy times as required.
  • IT security for increased peace of mind and regulatory compliance – client confidentiality is paramount for charities. They need confidence that files are securely backed up and available quickly should things go wrong and that digital giving initiatives are secure and safe
  • Improved client experience – video and screen sharing web conferencing apps offer more convenience in working with corporate partners and improve in-house communications
  • Improved peace of mind – a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place: retaining public trusts in the event of disaster
  • Better marketing, more donations – customer management systems and databases are improving charities’ ability to communicate with corporate partners, charitable givers and win more support
IT for the Third Sector, Blue Saffron

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Enabling charities and social enterprise to do more

Most charities and social enterprises understand the potential of IT but fail to unlock its true value. Some organisations report difficulty in recruiting and retaining the depth of top quality IT staff to help fulfil the opportunities technology provides. Consequently, IT can be seen as difficult to implement and may not be contributing to productivity and the workplace experience in an optimal way. It needn’t be that way.

Blue Saffron has been working with charities and not for profit organisations for over fourteen years. We have had very demonstrable success in developing partnerships with medium sized organisations and notably with those operating in disparate locations.

If, like many not-for-profit organisations, you are still running legacy systems or your IT is not adequately supporting your operational goals, we can help. We can advise on how IT could better meet your needs and improve productivity. We can improve your current system or help you migrate to modern flexible IT systems, cloud services and more productive software. Working with many Third Sector organisations, we have seen how IT can be transformative in improving the way you work, increasing client satisfaction and in attracting the talent you need to thrive.



Is your IT enabling positive change for your organisation? Request an IT, skills and operations audit to discover opportunities and potential improvements to help you achieve your charities’ goals.

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