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Competition and the pace of change in the UK’s recruitment sector is intense. Digital transformation is challenging business models, changing how talent is sourced and bringing new opportunities. Clients demand high standards from both the personnel they deal with and the end-to-end recruitment experience. Clients with important roles to fill want results, and typically want those results fast. This is placing increasing pressure on recruitment firms and HR professionals to be more productive and work smarter.

If that weren’t enough, for many recruitment consultants and HR teams finding, attracting and engaging a talented workforce is a key priority and critical success factor. The fight to attract talent is taking place across a global, web-enabled playing field of digital natives who value collaboration, business culture and modern technology as much as security and pay.

This is why a personalised and compelling workplace experience is seen as vital to attracting and retaining the right people. Recruitment consultancies are realising that today’s workplace experience must deliver more. Talented consultants want flexibility in where they work, they want to be connected on the go and they want software and services to give them an advantage in the market. In-demand consultants with hard-to-find skills are besieged by unsolicited job opportunities.

Recruitment consultancies must not only be a great place to work, they must differentiate themselves through their unique cultures and modern working practices. Technology has a fundamental role to play in their success.


Our IT services are designed to make your business more productive.

IT Consultancy

Expert insights, IT design and practical project delivery for growing enterprises. We can source, build and manage your IT projects and infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure

Professionally managed IT services of your networks, applications, systems and software to create demonstrable performance improvement.

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Reliable and robust business continuity services to keep your IT available and your business trading whatever the technical challenge.

Microsoft Software & Services

Deployment, migration and expert management of the Microsoft suite including Office 365, Azure and infrastructure solutions.

IT Security & Compliance

In an age of rapidly escalating cyber threat Blue Saffron’s IT security and compliance service helps lower your business risk.

IT Service Desk

A flexible support service combining a passionate team and leading technologies to complement your in-house capability.

IT to enable your recruitment business to thrive

Good IT is critical in helping recruitment firms innovate, improve productivity and create a modern, attractive workplace experience. Those firms taking a more proactive approach to IT are realising the benefits and gaining a competitive advantage. The benefits are compelling:

  • Flexible working creates a more engaged workforce – hosted desktops allow your consultants to access their files on the move, helping recruiters increase productivity and deliver improved client services


  • Automating tasks improves productivity and client service – software can automate the management of client and candidate records, timesheets and billing, scheduling and appointment making, which frees time to focus on business outcomes


  • Stronger collaboration delivers better results – cloud-based integrated software enables consultants to share insights, collaborate on projects and improve productivity


  • IT security for increased peace of mind and regulatory compliance – client confidentiality is paramount for the recruitment sector. Firms need confidence that files are securely backed up and available quickly should things go wrong
  • Improved client experience – video and screen-sharing web conferencing apps offer more convenience for clients and candidates, and improve in-house communications


  • Service innovation for competitive edge – digital services, self-service apps and artificial intelligence solutions are redesigning HR programmes and revamping the client and candidate experience


  • Better marketing, more clients – customer management systems and databases are improving recruitment firms’ ability to communicate with clients, attract talent and win new business


  • Business model transformation – from automating everyday tasks to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, technology is helping progressive recruitment firms re-imagine their business and create new opportunities

Exclusive benefits to APSCo members

We are delighted to offer exclusive rates to APSCo members, One our our offers includes a 20% discount off our cyber essentials services – either remote or on-site support for self-assessment as well as managed security services.

We will help you make sure you’ve got the right processes in place to get your security credentials and to give you the reassurance that you’re protected against common cyber-attacks.  Security has never been more important and now it’s up to you to prove you take it seriously.

Want to explore how IT could help address the challenges faced by your recruitment firm and take advantage of your APSCo membership? Contact us or call us on 0844 560 0202. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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Enabling recruitment firms to compete more effectively

Most recruitment firms understand the potential of IT but fail to unlock its business value. Some report difficulty in recruiting and retaining the depth of top quality IT staff to help fulfil the opportunities presented by technology. Consequently, IT can be seen as difficult to implement and may not be contributing to productivity and the workplace experience in an optimal way. It needn’t be that way.

Blue Saffron works extensively with the recruitment sector. The support and development of IT services for recruitment companies has been the very foundation of our offering for over a decade. Having worked with many medium-sized firms, we understand their challenges and have developed intelligent IT solutions to create positive impact for recruitment consultancies.

If, like many recruitment firms, you are still running legacy systems or your IT is not adequately supporting your business growth, we can help. We can advise on how IT could better meet your business needs. We can improve your current system or help you migrate to modern flexible IT systems, cloud services and more productive software. We work on a wide range of projects from unifying IT systems as part of an M&A process to helping manage candidate database systems. Through our experience in working with many recruitment firms, we have seen how IT can be transformative in improving the way you work, increasing client satisfaction and in attracting the talent you need to thrive.

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