Unifying six different IT vendors and multiple solutions to create clear business visibility and improved IT performance

Client: Carbon Accountancy
Sectors: Professional Services, Accountancy
Services: Managed Infrastructure, IT Consultancy
Location HQ: London, UK

Learn how a medium-sized accountancy practice used IT to increase business productivity.

Working with Blue Saffron, Carbon Accountancy improved the performance and stability of their IT and delivered an IT infrastructure that supported the company in a 21st century way.

The Client

Carbon Accountancy is a thriving professional services firm, headquartered in London. It provides a broad portfolio of services including tax advice and general accounting to a wide spectrum of small, mid-sized and enterprise customers. Client referral is a powerful growth engine in this competitive sector.

Founder John Leyden described the problem: “I had six different IT service vendors, very little accountability or ownership when things went wrong, and cost that varied wildly month to month. We rely heavily on IT to fulfil customer demand; we operate to tight deadlines – the absence of a proactive approach, no visibility – I could go on . . .”

IT for accountancy productivity

The Brief

The challenge was set: improve resilience and accountability and deliver an IT infrastructure that supported a thriving professional services company in a robust 21st Century way.

Our Approach

A comprehensive systems audit reinforced John’s concerns. A workstation refresh and a faster and diverse internet connection improved staff productivity. Despite the incremental investment, it would easily pay for itself, with a positive ROI in a matter of a few months.

A combination of Blue Saffron services were the building blocks for the final solution; these included fixed telephony, professional services, managed IT support, wide area networking, backup and disaster recovery – an endorsement of Blue Saffron’s ability and breadth-of-service offering.

Great Client Feedback

“Blue Saffron worked hard to deliver a solution in a structured way, avoiding disruption in a busy office environment. We talked with many companies during a six month select; ultimately, we liked the flexibility and friendliness of Blue Saffron. They did not pitch themselves at the value end of the scale and were willing to manage the rollout and subsequent support.”

“Help is now just a call away. Much of the assistance is performed remotely, improving the overall reaction time but when physical presence is called for they deliver.

“There is a firm sense of predictability in terms of cost and high-quality service” said John, “Internet availability has significantly improved and we now receive monthly service reports detailing service activity.”

“Blue Saffron have gone the extra mile in liaising with many of my third-party software and service vendors to ensure the smooth running of my business.”

John Leydon | CEO | Carbon Accountancy

Further Information

Blue Saffron worked hard to deliver a solution in a structured way, avoiding disruption in a busy office environment

John Leydon | CEO | Carbon Accountancy

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