Reducing Modelling Time from Three Days to Three Hours Ensured a Great Service for this Innovative Insurer 

Client: Fidelis
Sector: Prefessional Services
Services: IT Service Desk, IT Consultancy
Location HQ: London, UK

Learn how Blue Saffron undertook a complex new modelling project to overhaul and speed up the process, which required the highest performance servers and storage, for professional services firm, Fidelis.

The Client

Fidelis is an insurance underwriter in central London, founded approximately four years ago. The company was started by Richard Brindle who has a wealth of experience in the industry and raised £1.5 Billion to start the company; the largest amount raised by an insurance startup in the London market. Fidelis has more similarities to a tech start-up than traditional insurance company. The team insures Satellites, airliners and oil rigs and is very forward-thinking in its use of technology.


The Brief

The team was undertaking a complex new modelling project to overhaul and speed up the process, which required the highest performance servers and storage. This was to make things run as quickly as possible so that they could get results out promptly. The firm prides itself on innovation and speed to market.  

Providing quotations and validating proposals involves passing through multiple management layers and crunching a fantastic amount of dataThis process was slowing down all other systems and modelling itself was taking days at a time.

Our Approach

Fidelis needed to find performant hardware and storage providers who could offer installation in a timely manner, for a competitive price. Blue Saffron undertook a comprehensive market benchmarking exercise and recommended Fujitsu. In addition to managing the relationshipand helping with the procurement of the kit, we integrated the new system and made sure that it delivered on its benefits. This took six months from start to finish. 

Significant benefits seen by Fidelis include: 

  • This was originally a research and development project to establish that a higher spec kit could enhance performance. It worked. We decreased Fidelis’ modelling runs from three days down to three hours 
  • New confidence in what IT can achieve has increased the overall tech budget 
  • The tripling of modelling capacity 
  • Freed up capacity for other systems such as accounting and HR to run at desired levels, reducing the time taken for a lot of jobs by up to 90% in some cases 

Great Client Feedback

The reason I like working with Blue Saffron is the personal involvementwe get to speak to the people we need to speak to quickly. It’s not a faceless corporation that just relies on SLA’s and ticketing. It’s the kind of relationship that we will look for when we select provider and that’s what we get from Blue Saffron. 

We can always speak to someone capable straight awayThey care about helping the business. My network guy knows Blue Saffron owner, Neal Robinson, and recommend him highly. 

“I like knowing that they will respond promptly and work out a way of doing things for me quickly. It’s quite hard to get that kind of responsiveness from a lot of companies. I would say our overall capacity has probably tripled, if not more, since we put the kit in. The major advantage is that it has stopped impacting other workloads that used to fall over. It has reduced the time taken for a lot of jobs by up to 90% in some cases.” 


Ash Bailey | Head of Infrastructure | Fidelis 

Further Information

We don’t look at this as outsourcing the help desk or infrastructure support, Blue Saffron are an intrinsic and important aspect of the Morgan Hunt IT team.

Mark Dooley | Head of IT | Morgan Hunt

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