Designing, deploying and managing multi-location infrastructure to create a new platform for growth and 33% cost reduction

Antal Recruitment with Blue Saffron Managed IT

Client: Antal
Sector: Recruitment
Services: Managed InfrastructureIT Service Desk, IT Backup & Compliance, IT Consultancy
Location HQ: London, UK

Following a series of acquisitions, Antal had a large workforce distributed over multiple locations. They needed a new approach to IT to support their newly scaled and dispersed teams, ensuring they could collaborate and be productive.

Learn how Blue Saffron designed, deployed and managed a new global group-wide infrastructure platform for Antal.

The Client

Antal are experts in the global search and selection industry – they work with professional and managerial talent worldwide. Utilising an extensive international network to carry out cross border work allows them to bring a truly unique approach to the recruitment sector. They do this with 1000 experts from more than 120 offices, spanning over 30 countries globally.

The Antal group is headquartered in London, for the past 24 years, and have worked with over 60,000 clients making over 100,000 placements.

Antal Recruitment with Blue Saffron Managed Infrastructure

The Brief

A series of mergers for Antal resulted in a complex legacy of geographies, systems and infrastructure. Blue Saffron were asked to design, deploy and manage a new global group-wide infrastructure platform.

Our Approach

Blue Saffron designed and delivered an IT roadmap consisting of a common platform with recommendations and initiatives to improve service delivery.

We also worked to provide and manage hosting, networks, domain names and telephony from multiple vendors.

Blue Saffron now runs a highly effective support function charged with the responsibility of maintaining service for the prime business within the group.

Significant improvements have been made to Antal:

  • Reduces the investment required for high quality IT Support by 20%
  • Increases the availability of highly skilled resource through access to BSL’s team
  • Reduces the workload for the in-house team
  • Improves the support experience for the users through an increase in first time issue resolution
  • Improving speed of resolution and response times using mature and established systems and processes
  • Increases system availability and security which reduces lost productivity due to IT down time through highly available architecture and more efficient back up and recovery processes
  • Delivers accountable support underpinned by robust SLAs
  • Increases the quality of data recorded in support interactions through the use of ITIL based systems.

Great Client Feedback

“We had to enhance the perception of core services to both our wholly owned businesses and also our franchisees. We wanted to place Antal companies at the top of the list for people to do business with and great places to work for. To do this, we had to find a way of freeing up the IT team to work on more business value adding tasks.”

“Blue Saffron have been a great help in not only managing the complexities of our multi-vendor infrastructure but also in helping us design a platform that will support the future growth of our company.”

Mike Ryall | Group MD | Antal

Further Information

Blue Saffron have been a great help in, not only managing the complexities of our multi-vendor infrastructure, but also in helping us design a platform that will support the future growth of our company.

Mike Ryall | Group MD | Antal

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