Keeping networks working for medium-sized businesses

Voice and data networks connect us to colleagues, customers and the rest of the world. Yet when thinking about backup and disaster recovery, many businesses focus on data and systems, rather than looking at their IT in totality and making contingency plans for their networks. But what is the impact on your business if your internet and telephone networks stop working? If disaster struck, what contingencies does your business have in place for voice and data networks?

The risk of network outage is higher than you may imagine. Your building could be damaged in a fire or flood, and your network goes down with it. Network cables can be inadvertently cut. Weather can prevent employees accessing the network because they can’t get to the office. Any of these scenarios could seriously impact your business’s ability to serve your customers as being offline for a sustained period of time is certain to create revenue and reputational damage.

Hiring Blue Saffron has provided us with instant access to a wealth of experienced resource, enhancing the collective capability of the team.

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Smart provisions to keep your network always on

Blue Saffron helps medium-sized businesses achieve resilience and high availability for their voice and data networks so they stay operational even under the toughest circumstances. But if your voice and data networks provide revenue-generating or important customer support functions, you’ll need more than resilience to avoid the risk of losses due to interrupted operations: a detailed disaster recovery plan which may well include the provision of offsite arrangements.

We provide a number of intelligent solutions to keep your networks running and your business operational, many of which are built upon cloud technology. Solutions include:

  • Intelligent voice planning – allowing rapid redirection of calls to either alternative numbers


  • Location switching – if you need to relocate staff as part of your pre-planned backup location (in the event of catastrophic failure) we’ll make sure your network is ready and waiting
  • Automatic fail-over of inbound voice when maximum capacity is breached


  • Dynamically switching from one data network to another – for example the use of mobile or an alternate internet connection should your primary network fail
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Work with Blue Saffron

Keeping networks working for medium-sized businesses

Voice and data networks are part of our DNA: we have provided cloud-based telephony services for many years. We are also a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner which is reassuring in that many network backup solutions rely on a strong understanding of cloud technologies. And our 98% customer satisfaction ratings is testament to the quality and effectiveness of our service.

One of the main reasons we are so effective and appreciated by clients is we take time to understand their businesses. Only then do we can recommend the right approach to safeguard a network’s connectivity.

Our focus on medium-sized enterprises means we are familiar with the IT and network risks your organisation is likely to face. So our recommendations for making your networks resilient and recoverable in a crisis will be best practice, based on the tried and trusted approaches of comparable organisations with similar challenges.


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