It’s not just data that needs backing up

All organisations need uninterrupted access to their data, applications and systems; and they need to know that their confidential information and business systems are reliably backed up, secure and available should things go wrong. Data loss and interruption of service can damage reputation, impact on productivity and undermine business performance.

That’s even truer now workforces are more mobile because the risk of failure and data loss increases as more remote devices access services. The solution is having robust backup for data, applications and systems, and having a well thought through disaster recovery plan.

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Good backup procedures and high availability services improve user satisfaction, save IT time, minimise downtime and improve the overall productivity of your business and your workforce. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Availability – a great application is worthless unless it’s highly available to its users. Backup planning ensures that your infrastructure provides flawless support to your business


  • Restoring services – data, applications and systems work together, so these services need to be backed up and restored simultaneously so you can get back to work quickly


  • Disaster recovery – ensuring day and night availability under normal conditions is one thing but keeping your business operational amid a crisis is another. Data must not become a disaster casualty.
  • Security – the more that you use data and applications the more open you become to security breaches. Your data infrastructure needs to be well constructed, well operated and protected if you are to achieve 24/7 availability


  • Moving to the cloud – the decision to move services to the cloud is also an opportunity to rethink your infrastructure and database design in order to improve back up and disaster recovery
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We’ll find the right backup and disaster recovery solution for your organisation

With over a decade of experience, we understand the importance of backup, high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery. We have enterprise-class backup-and-restore systems and are experts in cloud management, which invariably is a key aspect of any backup solution. You can rely on our systems and experienced managed services teams for timely backups, proactive risk mitigation and the fast restoring of services when required.

It’s a consultative approach. We take time to understand your current and future business priorities, so we can design plans that will meet your specific requirements. Many businesses now use a hybrid of cloud and on-premises solutions to help manage backup and recovery. We recommend approaches that fit with your business need and budget. So we might classify data and use cheaper storage for that which is infrequently accessed, and more expensive, on demand storage for the data you use regularly.

Although no substitute for effective backup and recovery, we advocate to plan and build your systems to run at high availability and to build in resilience to mitigate downtime. We de-risk loss of services through system monitoring to proactively seek vulnerabilities. We create backups to restore systems at speed and we create disaster recovery plans so you can be back in business quickly in the worst case scenarios.

The time it takes to restore your service after an issue is also important. In most cases the rate at which services need to be restored will be different, some will be required almost instantly, for others you may choose a less expensive solution and accept some level of downtime while data and systems are restored to service. We’ll help you understand the options so you can make the backup and business continuity decisions that are right for your business and your budget.

Are your services operating at high availability? Would you benefit from an audit of your backup and disaster recovery plans? Contact us to discuss how your data, applications and systems can be more effectively organised and managed.


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