Take a proactive approach to your cybersecurity by understanding your vulnerabilities

Regular testing and auditing is essential for your business. Blue Saffron Security Testing and Audits is a comprehensive choice of testing and auditing services designed to sit alongside complementary offerings certification, training and insurance.

There are a number of benefits in undergoing audits and testing:

  • Identify hidden weaknesses before the bad guys do
  • Save money in the long-term
  • Protect partners, third parties, and clients
  • Increase systems availability, boost productivity
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Build trust

Secure your business along with your IT and data

When you consider the damage to your business of a security or regulatory compliance failure, the benefits of our Security & Compliance service are plain to see. Preventing a security failure and avoiding downtime, the loss of customer confidence, potential fines and reputational damage, is a good investment. It provides you with peace of mind – you will have protection from the potentially catastrophic consequences of a failing.

The other driver for acting is that it may soon be a commercial necessity and a prerequisite if you want to bid for contracts from larger corporations and government. Most major organisations now require you to have robust security measures in place, and the government’s Cyber Essentials initiative sets out the security measures it demands for tenders.

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Blue Saffron’s IT Security Services provide comprehensive peace of mind for your business

Managed Security Services

A fully managed IT security service to protect your hardware and software integrated with backup and recovery services in the event of a breach.

Cyber Essentials

The advice and guidance needed to achieve the government’s Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations.

Security Testing & Audits

Assesses the security status and risks facing your business, reviews how well you comply with regulations and advises you on what changes to infrastructure and services are required.

Cyber Training & Awareness

Empower your employees to detect and protect themselves and your business against cyber threats.

Cyber Insurance

Keep your business on stable financial footing should a significant security event occur.

Security Strategy & Consultancy

A full IT security service will help protect your hardware and software integrated with backup and recovery services in the event of a breach.

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