What Recruiter Would Say No to Twenty Hours A Day More Business Time? 

Client: Technical Resources
Sector: Recruitment
Services: IT Service Desk, Managed Infrastructure
Location HQ: London, UK

Learn how Blue Saffron transformed recruitment firm, Technical Resources’, IT infrastructure to focus on driving business forward rather than just maintaining it.

The Client

Technical Resources is a recruitment company, based in Weybridge, established in 2000. It supports the data, telecommunications, and fire and security industries. Blue Saffron has worked with their CRM provider for many years so they had no hesitation in recommending us because we have built such a great reputation as an IT provider to the recruitment industry.

Technical Resources

The Brief

The Technical Resources team were disappointed with the infrastructure and customer support they were receiving from their then service provider. They had been working with them for the previous four years but felt that they had outgrown their capabilities. They were running a traditional hosted environment and needed to modernise environments as staff were complaining that slow IT was impacting their performance.  Systems were either offline or unacceptably slow and the business needed a provider that could both support day to day operations but also their growth plans. 

Our Approach

We fully audited their existing set up and systems, as well as their business goals, and employee needs, and devised a plan alongside the customer to fully modernise their infrastructure to turn IT into a help rather than a hindrance for the firm. The project took six weeks from design to seamless completion and we continue to support their IT needs on an ongoing basis, delivering a culture of continual improvement. 

The Solutions We Delivered

  • A hybrid cloud infrastructure which makes the best use of budget and offers the benefits of both public and private cloud environments for their workload and applications. Purely using private cloud would be more expensive and entirely unnecessary. 
  • Recruiters often need to be able to access information on the go and the role out of Microsoft Office 365 has allowed staff to work remotely but securely through their laptops.  It has also allowed them to access their emails on any device, all of this whilst remaining compliant with all GDPR regulations. 
  • A new, more robust internet service provider to speed up their IT systems – moving to an onsite server, backed up to the cloud has resulted in less downtime and improved performance.  
  • finance system synchronised to the cloud to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. 
  • A modernised working environment, created by updating their hardware and installing a faster and more reliable connection to help restore faith in IT  

Significant improvements seen by Technical Resources included 

  • We transformed Technical Resources’ IT infrastructure to focus on driving business forward, not just maintaining it. Technical Resources was behind the curve with its previous IT infrastructure but not anymore. 
  • We introduced a service desk portal for Technical Resources’ staff so that they can report issues to Blue Saffron and track their progress in real time. This means staff can view open tickets and see what progress has been made, pinpointing where any issues are stemming from and getting them resolved quickly.  We support this process through regular service reviews to review past events, current status and future plans, to prevent problems occurring and continually make improvements.  
  • Our solution gave each of their 40 consultants half an hour back a day. That’s 20 hours a day more selling time.  

Great Client Feedback

“Blue Saffron are professional and knowledgeable.  They supported us well during the implementation phase and the team we communicate with on an ongoing basis via email and telephone are really good.

We also find the ticketing system really useful as we can see in real time which staff members have tickets open and which ones have been resolved. During our migration to Blue Saffron, they really helped the process run smoothly by using a robust project management tool and holding regular weekly meetings. We also had full support after the migration to ensure all loose ends had been tied up while we focused on our day jobs.”

Sue Watts | Executive Assistant | Technical Resources

Further Information

Blue Saffron are professional and knowledgeable.  They supported us well during the implementation phase and the team we communicate with on an ongoing basis via email and telephone are really good.

Sue Watts | Executive Assistant | Technical Resources

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