Steve Colvin uncovers the practicalities of making working from anywhere work.

Six in ten UK Enterprises need to provide secure, flexible, access to their corporate networks, applications, and data. Sound simple? It isn’t that easy.

Networks are more complicated. Deciding what to put in a public cloud, a private cloud, or keep onsite is tricky. Remote workers’ apps and data are often an open door for cyber criminals.  

Your workers can work from anywhere with the right technology that is properly configured and managed. We’d like to help you.

Join our guest speaker, Steve Colvin, for our exclusive online Q&A to find out how to make remote working work for your business.  

We will cover: 

  • How advances in connectivity make remote working reliable and secure 
  • What to put in the cloud? 
  • How to protect remote workers from cyber crime 
  • Implementing remote/ hybrid policies 

Don’t miss the fourth in our series of popular, business growth and resilience Q&A’s.

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Steve Colvin


  • UK and International expert on data communications, internet security and cloud-based infrastructures


  • Experienced with successful go-to-market campaigns


  • Board-level technology strategist with over 25 years experience