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There’s so much more businesses can do with Microsoft 365, more than you know. Over the past year or so Microsoft 365 has changed, even the name has changed from Office 365. Importantly, usage has changed from office applications to Unified Communications.

Do you think you get the best use of your Microsoft 365 licence? Are you just scratching the surface of what you can do with Microsoft 365? There are so many hidden benefits from what many see as an already sunk investment.

We asked expert, Chris Kaye of Simply Office 365, to run a series of four webinars to show how you can get more out of your Microsoft 365 licence to improve productivity, automation to simplify processes and build custom applications to benefit your business.

What is covered in session one?


  • Microsoft 365 – The Art Of The Possible – 13 October 2021

Chris will showcase Microsoft’s integrated technologies with common use cases, and outline the limitless possibilities surrounding them.

Follow up sessions


  • Productivity with SharePoint – Wednesday 03 November 2021.

Showcasing the 6 benefits of implementing SharePoint.

  • Microsoft Teams for Collaboration and Communication – Wednesday 24 November 2021

The challenges, how to overcome them and the core benefits.

  • SharePoint Lists, Automation and Apps – Wednesday 15 December 2021

What are SharePoint lists, implementing them, using them, and reaping the rewards.

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Guest Speaker

Chris Kaye

  • Expert in designing and building business solutions for the Microsoft 365 cloud platform.
  • Over 30 years experience working with technology.
  • Working with SharePoint for 20 years to create both custom and productised solutions.